Meet Madison Snyder, FSU Student and Future Librarian

The Basics

Name: Madison Snyder
Degree: Master of Science in Information
Anticipated Graduation: 2018
Hometown: Stuart, FL

Meet Madison

Who do you admire and why?
For me, it’s not that I idolize a certain person but rather a certain type of person. I admire people who have been through a personal tragedy or had dark times in their lives, and yet they’ve managed to cultivate this amazing strength and continued to hope, always moving forward. That kind of person is who I most admire and most wish to be like.

What Jeopardy category could you clear, no problem?
Most likely literature, or maybe history.

Favorite snack?
Chips & dip.

Best account to follow on social media?
Joe Santagato, hands down.

Best piece of advice you’ve received?
Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. (Maya Angelou)

Life as an FSU Student

What made you choose your major?
I was pre-law for the first 3 years of my undergraduate degree until, during the fall semester of my senior year, I realized I just didn’t have the passion to make a career out of it. I loved the concepts and had an academic interest in it, but the day-to-day life of a lawyer and of law school just didn’t seem like the right path for me. I started thinking about what I did have a passion for and the first answer that came to mind was so incredibly obvious to me – books. I have loved books, reading and learning in general since I was a kid and a career where I could channel that passion and desire to help other people find the answers they need felt like the perfect fit. I decided to become a librarian.

What does your average day look like?
I usually fall out of bed somewhere around 10-11am and either head straight to work or handle a few personal errands before a late lunch. Depending on the day, I might be at a meeting with one of my class groups or a club before grabbing a quick bite to eat and going to class. My evenings are generally reserved for studying, Netflix or that week’s book, and friends. If it’s not a day busy with school or work, I’m generally out exploring the city – the parks, museums, shopping and finding local restaurants to love.

Your favorite study spot on campus?
If I’m just reading, I love to be out on Landis. But, if it’s computer work that day, I’m generally in the Union or a library study room.

What’s your dream career?
A subject librarian at a university library (preferably for history or literature, humanities in general).

Share a notable (funny, embarrassing, exciting) experience you’ve had at FSU?
I think one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had at FSU happened out on Landis. Myself and a group of musically inclined friends had made a habit of going to Landis every Saturday night with our instruments. We would play and sing and hang out for a few hours, and anyone who stopped by was always welcome to join. Basically we were a little, informal sort of music club. One week in October, if I remember right, our original group plus one talented guitarist we’d met was on Landis and a group of what appeared to be drunk frat guys walked past us. One of them saw our instruments and asked if we would play the Harambe song for them. Unfortunately, we had no idea what that was and had to tell them sorry, but we could play something else maybe? Once the group of them heard this, they couldn’t believe people existed who didn’t know the Harambe song and felt compelled to not only share it with us but teach it to us too. Needless to say it was an interesting process, with more than a few off-key notes and laughter at…well…everything. And they even stopped by sober to say hi the next week when we were out!

Are you involved with student organizations?
I have only just joined the CCI Student Leadership Council this summer, but I hope to find another service organization or dance club to be involved in.

Who do you look to for inspiration?
Often I will turn to my favorite books or authors for inspiration; words have always seemed very powerful to me and the impact of a well-phrased idea should not be underestimated. However, lately I have found a yoga channel I really enjoy and the woman who runs it – Adriene – has become an inspiration to me. She is not someone who pretends that always having it together is the key to everything. Instead, she encourages her followers to stay strong, to push forward and continue improving themselves in big and small ways, but also acknowledges that sometimes life for whatever reason can feel like too much. In those moments, it’s okay to take time to yourself – to understand what you’re feeling, why, process the emotions and then begin to heal. Her outlook on life, on people and generally uplifting nature have become a great source of inspiration to me in my everyday life.

How do you handle school-life balance?
I plan as much as I can – work, school, study, travel – and then I try to leave myself some unplanned time every day (or as often as possible) for whatever I choose. This keeps me from stressing about potentially forgotten to-do lists and how much has to get done when because those important things are already planned, but at the same time I don’t have to worry about living every minute of my life by a written schedule in order to not fall behind. It also leaves me some freedom to relax with friends, go home to see family, explore Tallahassee and just generally do things that make me happy without feeling a nagging sense of neglected responsibilities.

What advice would you give yourself when applying to college?
Don’t limit yourself – not in the schools you apply to or in the admissions essays you write. Put yourself out there, find as many opportunities as you can, and go after them with a club (think Jack London).

What motivates you?
Honestly, what motivates me most are the people I love. I am so much more willing to work hard for others and for the life I hope to share with them someday than I am for a grade. This isn’t to say that I don’t recognize the importance of grades for earning what I want, but they aren’t what drives me every day.