Houck and Students Roadtrip to the Mississippi Delta and Civil Rights Landmarks

Davis Houck, professor in the School of Communication, has been at Florida State University for over seventeen years, researching the history of the civil rights movement and how the civil rights movement moved. A large part of the movement happened in the Mississippi Delta, what Houck calls “the most southern place on earth”. To better understand the history,[…] »

Meet Doctoral Student Pablo Correa

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When Pablo Correa stepped foot on the Tallahassee Community College campus fresh out of high school, he never dreamed he’d end up pursuing his doctorate in Communication. Born and raised in south Florida with Dominican parents, Correa grew up learning history from a textbook, but experienced history in a radically different manner through documentaries. The experience[…] »

Professor Davis Houck Creates ‘Emmett Till Trail’ App

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  Sixty years ago today, African-American teenager Emmett Till was murdered after flirting with a white woman. Today, FSU Professor Davis Houck announces an app featuring Mississippi landmarks integral to Till’s story. Dr. Davis Houck first heard Till’s name when he was an undergraduate and has since dedicated much of his work to telling Till’s[…] »