Cross-College Research Collaboration promotes exchange of ideas

Cross-College Research Collaboration, September 2013.
The Cross-College Research Collaboration in September drew 85 attendees.

Florida State University’s College of Communication & Information is making an effort to ignite the exchange of ideas and expertise through the Cross-College Research Collaboration, an initiative that began last April.

CCI hosted the first Research Collaboration event in April, which drew 50 faculty members across Florida State’s various colleges.  In September, the meeting grew to 85 attendees and was co-hosted by CCI, the College of Medicine and College of Education.  After initial research collaboration event last April, it was concluded there is a need for on-going events to sustain support and generate new ideas.  More events are in the process of being scheduled.

 “We are trying to enhance those opportunities to meet people across the FSU universe that might have expertise they can share with us like we can share with them,” CCI Associate Dean of Research Juliann Woods, Ph.D., said.

The Cross-College Research Collaboration gives faculty members an opportunity to share their current research, exchange ideas, learn about research initiatives, meet others with common or divergent interests, identify collaboration partners and resources, share their skills with others, make plans for future projects, and learn more about the new FSU Office of Proposal Development.

“There are multiple goals,” Woods said.  “One is to increase visibility of CCI as not only excellent research investigators, but also as great collaboration partners.  In order to do many of the larger, multi-component research grants, it is not a one-person show.  It really requires a team that needs to collaborate with different expertise.”

With three different schools (School of Communication Science & Disorders, School of Communication, School of Library Studies & Information), CCI is unique in its vast array of research expertise.

Cross-College Research Collaboration, September 2013.
Florida State faculty members share ideas at Cross-College Research Collaboration.

“There are people who know about technology, people know program evaluation, people who know about community engagement,” Woods said.  “We have many areas of expertise that can be beneficial not only to the people in our college, but people in other colleges.”

In addition, CCI’s research collaboration efforts have resulted in the creation of the FSU Collaboratory, which offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to interact with each other and develop ideas for innovative information technologies.

An information makerspace, located at, the FSU Collaboratory offers an open, shared, but safe and secure environment, supported by cutting-edge digital and physical technologies and infrastructures, where Seminoles across campus and around the world can find a community of experts, in person and online, with the time and resources to help them turn their ideas for innovative technology projects into finished products.

For more information on the FSU Collaboratory, use the form on the web site to contact Dr. Paul Marty and Dr. Jonathan Adams.