Doctoral Candidate Mariam Shaikh Earns First Place for Emergency Communication Research



FSU doctoral candidate Mariam Shaikh was inspired by violent events in her home country of Pakistan to conduct her research.

Shaikh realized that advanced media techniques could help at-risk communities develop resilience and facilitate response during violent acts, but that these communities too often lack the proper resources. Her research emphasizes the unique ways in which communication needs are fulfilled in less resourceful areas.

In fact, Shaikh’s research got her first place at the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) 63rd Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV this past October. Only after a highly selective acceptance process was Shaikh able to present at the conference, where she was required to present her research with a traditional poster, an oral presentation and a narrated video presentation.

She explains, “I presented my research work on uses and adoption of media innovations in preparedness practices, where I explained how a less resourced region formulates communication strategies and tools in its very specific context.”

Specifically, her dissertation focuses on a case study of the innovations in Sindh, a less developed region of Pakistan. She will evaluate the region’s policies, plans and practices of using communication technology for preparedness.

In addition to this research, Shaikh has earned the Emergency Management Certification as well as the Preparing Future Professionals Certification and the Program Evaluation Certification during her time at with FSU’s College of Communication & Information.

She says, “The faculty at the School of Communication encourage diversified interests, realizing communication as a lifeline of all other disciplines.”

When she’s not busy being a doctoral candidate and researcher, Shaikh enjoys spending time with her family and reading books. She also enjoys hanging out with other international students at The Globe at FSU and networking with other Fulbright Scholars.

To learn more about doctoral programs with FSU’s College of Communication & Information, follow this link.