What is “The Collaboratory”?

Inside the Shores Building –  just steps from Landis Green – there is an information makerspace growing.

The Collaboratory, also known as the “Information Makerspace” is making a home adjacent to the Goldstein Library. The end result will provide student, faculty and staff with the ability to explore technological innovation.

“Collaboratories are traditionally virtual spaces that allow users to collaborate remotely. Our Collaboratory, as part of the iMaker initiative (Dr. Adams & Dr. Marty), is a physical space we hope to develop as a means to nurture our on campus communities and connect with our distance students through competitions and events,” explained Rienne Saludo, Doctoral student at Florida State.


“The Collaboratory space will allow users to work, learn, and discover,” explains Chris Landbeck, Assistant Director of Experiential Learning. “The point of this effort is to allow users to take risks so they can determine for themselves what works and what doesn’t, how they personally like to get things done and how they don’t.”

The Collaboratory aims to provide:

  • User-centered software design, analysis, and engineering opportunities.
  • Technical infrastructures to develop and experiment with innovative technology.
  • Assistance with prototyping information systems to support funded research proposals.
  • Networking opportunities across campus through a communal space for collaboration.
  • Assistance with designing and evaluating information systems and technologies.
  • On-demand access to digital technologies and virtual resources for innovation.
  • Assistance with managing large amounts of data and information resources.
  • Synergy of different knowledge areas within an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Common meeting spaces and secure storage for systems and prototypes.
Landbeck in the iMaker space

Landbeck is optimistic about the Collaboratory. “It is our hope that  those who come here will leave know things they did not know, will see things in ways they had not known about, and will have a more solid foundation on which to build in the future.”

“FSU is only one of a few schools to have a library within an ALA accredited program and now we have an opportunity to develop a maker space to add to our list of learning resources,” explained Rienne Saludo.  “We hope to get RSO’s involved as soon as possible, the CyberSecurity Club has already agreed to hold their first meeting in September.”

The iMaker Space is holding a competition. The new technologies student design competition from the nonprofit corporation Graceful Solutions for Aging. Entry forms and more information are available on the iMaker website.

The Collaboratory grand opening will be on October 13th, but those interested are welcomed to stop by early if they have questions. Follow along on Facebook to stay updated.