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What is VALF…

Volunteers for Adult Literacy in Florida/Literacy Florida! Inc. (VALF/LF! Inc.)is a nonprofit membership organization that supports volunteers and volunteer literacy programs in Florida. We are a member of Florida Literacy Coalition and hold our annual meeting at their conference each year. We are a separate association, which is volunteer run and supported by membership and donations. We provide training, technical assistance and grants (for the past 3 years) to volunteer adult literacy programs. To learn more about us go to:


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Internship Application Form

Volunteers for Adult Literacy Florida (VALF) Intern Board Membership


Once you complete this application, you will be contacted to learn more about the program and ask questions.  You need to be an individual member to be an intern.





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Briefly explain why you think that that you would be an excellent candidate for an internship with VALF:








What strengths or special knowledge do you believe you could use to benefit VALF in developing VALF as an organization and in promoting adult literacy and volunteer literacy programs?







Internship with VALF may include travel to meetings throughout Florida and various online/ phone meetings.  If accepted as an student intern board member, do you agree to actively participate to the best of your abilities?        Yes     No




Please return your completed application to: or to


VALF/Literacy Florida Inc.

P.O. Box 180396

Tallahassee, FL 32318




For more information contact