Sales/Marketing Intern is a Tallahassee-based screen-printing and embroidery firm specializing in custom apparel for FSU’s internal use. Founded in 2009 by an FSU alumni and instructor, the company now provides exclusive service to the diverse apparel needs and clients of Florida State University.


TallyTees is a progressive company in that all production is performed off-site, with little to no product ever entering through our doors.  We are a paper-free company, where all orders and invoices are transmitted digitally.



TallyTees is looking for an intern with a Sales/Marketing background to assist in the re-launch and re-branding of our silkscreen/embroidery company to the Tallahassee community. The heaviest concentration of work will be done on the Florida State campus. TallyTees holds a Florida State University trademark license and can create works at the behest and permission of the University.


Applicants should have a good knowledge of FSU’s student groups, university-associated groups, fraternities, sororities, departments and alumni associations. Interns will be asked to make contacts, promote the upstart brand and help to develop a viable printing company.


That sounds like a facebook game but it’s actually a semester-long internship. Hours are flexible but a minimum of 15 hours per week is required (unless your program requires more).


For more information or to apply for this internship, contact Farhood Basiri at Applicants should include a resume and introductory letter of interest.  Be sure to include your contact information.


Interns will work predominantly with Farhood Basiri, TallyTees’c sole owner.  Mr. Basiri also teaches at Florida State’s College of Communication and Information.


For more information on TallyTees, visit

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Perks include free tech support, software, the occasional Chinese food / Decent Pizza run, and working alongside young entrepreneurs while learning essential business, technical and operational skills. You’ll probably score a free shirt, too.