Retired iSchool Professor, Martha Jane Zachert, Passes Away

On January 10, 2018, at the Westminster Oaks Health Center, retired iSchool professor Martha Jane Koontz Zachert passed away after almost 98 years of life. In that time, she attained multiple degrees from various prestigious universities and received a certification in medical librarianship. After work in this field, she moved on to Florida State University and the University of South Carolina.

Throughout her life, Zachert was intensely involved in the establishment and growth of the library system, both locally and nationally. She was a leader of many educational committees and even started the Beta Omega chapter of Beta Phi Mu (a Library Science honorary society). Through research, teaching, the publication and editing of articles, books and more, Zachert was a devoted advocate for the learning community.

Zachert returned to Tallahassee after beginning her retirement to enjoy her family. Even then, she remained an active member of her church and literary community. Zachert will continue to be remembered as an inspiration, mentor, and groundbreaker in her field.

A memorial service will be held for Zachert on Saturday, February 3, at 2pm at the Maguire Center at Westminster Oaks. To read her full obituary, click here.