From On-Air to Online: Digital Producer Krista Witiak Introduces New Wave of News Media

Krista Witiak - Graphic

“No one really knows where local news is going to be in 5-10 years,” says Krista Witiak, a recent graduate of the School of Communication. She currently works as a digital reporter and producer for FOX21 in Colorado Springs. Her day-to-day job includes finding stories to report, setting up interviews, filming b-roll, editing film packages, …


iSchool Alumna Sheds Light on Instructional Design

LeaAnn Gates - Graphic

When most people think of rehabilitation, their first thoughts may include the words “physical” or “occupational,” but certainly not “vocational.” For iSchool alumna Lea Ann Gates (M.S. ’07 Information Studies) vocational rehabilitation plays a huge part in her job. Vocational rehabilitation is the process of helping people with disabilities find and maintain employment. “This is …


Meet Comm Alumna Celia Mott

"I've discovered that when your job is your passion, there is no turn off button." Celia Mott - Graphic

“I’ve discovered that when your job is your passion, there’s no turn off button. You will continue to push yourself and explore new opportunities, even in your free time,” says Comm School alumna Celia Mott (’14 Media Communication Studies). While at FSU, Mott discovered her passion for communication and marketing. “I always knew I wanted …


Meet the Boss Behind Bosses In Power

TaRhonda Harvey - Graphic

For the past 20 years, TaRhonda Harvey (’02 B.S. Information Studies) has been using her knowledge of the tech industry to help clients grow and improve their businesses. Harvey is the owner of Kolmio Global Inc. and the creator of the new mobile app, Bosses In Power. As a brand consultant, her goal is to …


Meet ICT Alumna Tatyana Smith


Tallahassee native Tatyana Smith (’17 B.S. Information, Communication, and Technology) is no stranger to adventure and hard work. “I never knew what I wanted to do growing up–I just knew I didn’t want to be sitting beside a desk staring at a computer screen,” she says. After graduation, Smith moved to Reno, Nevada where she …


Stephenson Shines in South Korea

After graduation, most students are faced with the prospect of leaving their hometowns to pursue the career they just spent years working toward. This often means moving to a new state and leaving behind the comforts of home. For Rosandra Stephenson (B.S. 15’ Media and Communication Studies), this also meant leaving behind the comforts of …