Ad Team finishes 7th at national competition

Arrowhead Advertising, the Florida State University student advertising team, placed in the top 10 in national competition for the fourth consecutive year.

The team placed seventh of 16 teams in the finals of the National Student Advertising Competition of the American Advertising Federation, held at the AAF conference in Orlando on June 10 and 11, 2010.

The team reached the national finals for the fourth consecutive year and finished in the top 10 each time. This is also the ninth time out of the past 12 years that the team has won the district competition and reached the student competition national finals. More than 150 colleges and universities compete each year.

This year’s team members are Jonny Arcila, Emily Asqueri, Nicole Brooker, Arielle Calderon, Courtney Connell, Maria Correa, Jesse Damiani, Danielle Delph, Michela Fleury, Alysse Goodwiller, Courtney Griffin, Christina Morgan, Gala Pazos, Sydney Perlman, Alexis Perricone and Jordan Rich. Barry Solomon, associate in Communication, is the team’s advisor.