Top 10 Reasons FSU Is #SoMuchMoreThanFootball

Sunday morning, CCI Professor Mark Zeigler was getting tired. Social media was filled with negative messages about Florida State, focusing on recent events surrounding Dalvin Cook with bad feelings lingering from football season of last year. Zeigler tweeted “If you’re an FSU fan, twitter is not for the faint of heart”.

Zeigler followed that tweet with one that would start a fire. “FSU Folks. We need a rally.” he wrote. “Wear your colors. Tweet messages about your great FSU experiences. #somuchmorethanfootball” Social media lit up with hundreds of messages over 24 hours, recalling best friends made in dorms, professors who changed lives and the lasting impact Florida State made on thousands of lives.

“That whole thing yesterday was not my plan,” shared Zeigler. “I was so tired of nothing being said or written that was positive. So I thought, I can try.”


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@fsuzeigler: FSU folks. We need a rally. Wear your colors. Tweet messages about your great FSU experiences. #somuchmorethanfootball 


 1. The time Paul Fogel met his wife and best friend

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@pfog777: @fsuzeigler FSU gave me my wife, best friend, and the degree that allows me to work for a Fortune 500 company #somuchmorethanfootball

2. The time Mark Connor earned a PhD and much more

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@markjconnor: I met my wife, made many great friends, received a doctorate, & learned so much from great people @musicFSU #FSU is #somuchmorethanfootball

3. The time Greek life raised over a million dollars for Children’s Miracle Network

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@emilyyyjaneeee: How about raising over a million dollars for DM and uniting the entire campus? #somuchmorethanfootball

4. The time FSU championed family’s first graduates

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@darlyyy_ FSU gave me the opportunity to become the first in my family to graduate college in the U.S. @fsuzeigler #somuchmorethanfootball

5. The time Veteran Wayne McGahee III found a second home

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@WayneMcGaheelll: #FSU is the most Vet friendly school in the country. They do a great job helping veterans acclimate to life after. #somuchmorethanfootball

6. The time FSU created the next generations of doctors

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@BowtieRambler: I got my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry here, and in 3 more years I’ll be a doctor from here. #somuchmorethanfootball

7. The time @ToriInTally spoke the truth

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@ToriInTally: The actions of 4% of a sports team does not define the caliber and value of an entire university. #somuchmorethanfootball

8. The time Krissi B. found her direction in life

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@krdoba: I escaped a poor environment before I found my place at FSU. I finally have direction in life thanks to my school. #somuchmorethanfootball

7. The time when Veteran Andre Clark became a leader

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@ADre7Seven: I learned to be more confident and a leader @ Florida State. From the USAF to my current job the Noles are close by. #somuchmorethanfootball

8. The time FSU was the catalyst for true love and a budding doctor

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@MDHolly: At FSU: met future husband of 25 years, grad w/ Honors in Psych; went to med school; studied Neurology. #somuchmorethanfootball

9. The time Timo Dykes crossed an ocean and found his place at FSU

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@timowd: I moved from overseas and FSU gave me a home in the US, from teh great people to the places and experiences #somuchmorethanfootball

10. The time Kirk Englehardt’s Comm degree was the springboard for a career with Georgia Tech

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@kirkenglehardt: Got my comm degree from FSU, today I lead strategic com/mar for Georgia Tech’s $730M research enterprise. #somuchmorethanfootball