5 FSU & CCI women honored at KKG Leadership Academy

In 1996, Becky O’Brien graduated with a degree in Communication and jumped straight into her Master’s, which she received in 1997. Almost two decades later, she was invited to the Kappa Kappa Gamma National Leadership Academy this past September. At the leadership academy, she met five strangers. Those strangers, Sharon Snodgrass Pennekamp (’76), Andrea Stanford (’89), Stephanie Padro (’08) and Alexis Bass (’17), represented five consecutive decades of Florida State University Kappa Kappa Gamma women.

“The Kappa Kappa Gamma National Leadership Academy is one-of-a-kind intergenerational, outdoor experience that brings together students and alumna from all over North America,” O’Brien said. “Part leadership conference, part Girl Scout camp, and part outward bound adventure, participants engage in experiential learning to master leadership practices to improve their campus, careers and communities.”

FSU KKG Leadership Academy 0914
Sharon Snodgrass Pennekamp ‘76, Andrea Stanford ‘89, Rebecca Post OBrien ‘96, Stephanie Padro ‘08, Alexis Bass ‘17

The five strangers joined at the conference and shared many memories of Florida State. The group made FSU one of the most represented schools at the conference.

“This is proof that no matter the age or stage, the women of FSU remain committed to being ‘citizen leaders’,” said O’Brien. “Being a Kappa at FSU reinforced the values FSU has already instilled in me.”