Header image for Alum Amina Resheidat Employs Communication Skills at PACE Center for Girls

Alum Amina Resheidat Employs Communication Skills at PACE Center for Girls

While at Florida State, Amina Resheidat (B.S. ’13) double majored in Media Production and Philosophy. Throughout her time at FSU, she volunteered and held a myriad positions with Union Productions/Club Downunder, served as the President and Secretary at the Florida State University Chapter of Invisible Children, Inc. and participated with the Student Government Association.

These days, the ambitious alumna is utilizing her skills at PACE Center for Girls, Inc. As the Associate Director of Resource Development, Resheidat provides assistance to 19 PACE centers and fundraises for the organization by acquiring corporate sponsorships and writing grant proposals.

What exactly is PACE? Using a strength-based, trauma informed and gender-responsive model that has garnered national recognition, PACE is leading a movement to empower girls and young women through accessible education, counseling, training and advocacy. The program effectively improves school success, employment and self-sufficiency, helps keep girls from entering the juvenile justice system and reduces recidivism.

Resheidat shares, “The most satisfying component of my job is being surrounded by passionate individuals all working towards a common goal. I love being in our centers and seeing the dollars we raise being used to implement unique and effective programs that will positively benefit our girls.”

Resheidat believes that one of the best decisions she made at Florida State was joining Union Productions/Club Downunder (UP/CDU). She volunteered her freshman year and went on to be employed there for the rest of her time at FSU. During her time there, she implemented a lecture series that featured Maya Angelou, Cornel West, Spike Lee, Eli Wiesel and Nicholas Kristof, photographed a Kendrick Lamar performance on Langford Green, booked comedians such as Bill Burr, Hannibal Buress, Nick Offerman and Moshe Kasher and managed countless shows in CDU.

She explains, “My love for FSU begins with my love for UP/CDU. Essentially, UP/CDU allows students to own their work, appreciate their creative freedom while learning how large university systems operate and leave FSU with invaluable experience that most students don’t get until they are well into their post-college career.”

In her spare time, Resheidat enjoys reading, listening to music and playing with her dog, Cooper. In five years, she simply sees herself working hard in a happy environment.

To learn more about the Communication programs available at Florida State, follow this link. Additionally, you can learn more about PACE and join the movement by visiting their website here.