Alumni Highlight: Assistant Editor Behind Top Gun, Rogue One, and Aquaman

School of Communication Alumnus, Travis Cantey is one of the 90 alumni who graduated from the Los Angeles Television Experience (LATE) program, run by Dr. Bob Perkuny. While the program ended in 2014, the legacy of the program still lives on, as Cantey and other alumni are making their mark throughout the industry. As a First Assistant Editor for feature films, Cantey has assisted on movies such as Rogue One, Aquaman, and Top Gun: Maverick.

CCI interviewed Cantey about his time in the LATE program before he graduated in 2013 and how it impacted his career endeavors.

CCI: How did Dr. Bob Perkuny impact your time at FSU and the College of Communication and Information?

“Bob was a wonderful mentor to me during my time at FSU and still is to this day. He not only helped me to get my start in the entertainment industry but also guided me through some of the tougher challenges I’ve faced in my career.”

“I still reflect on the wisdom he shared with me as his student. He also took me under his wing to help edit a feature-length documentary while at FSU.”

CCI:  How has your education from FSU helped you in your career endeavors?

“While at FSU I learned the fundamentals of both production and post-production. Bob’s Narrative Project allowed myself and my colleagues to try our hand at producing a short film from start to finish. Bob gave us incredibly helpful guidance and feedback along the way. Working as an editor in class and on a documentary that Bob produced outside of class ultimately led to my current career path.”

Cantey, LATE alumni, and Dr. Bob Pekurny.


CCI: Can you describe your experience at the Bob-BQ and what was it like connecting with other FSU alumni, students, and faculty?

“It was wonderful to see Bob, some of my wonderful FSU colleagues, and some new faces while at the Bob-BQ. These social events are how I’ve met some of my closest friends and co-workers over the years. It was such a wonderful occasion to be brought together.”

CCI: What is your current occupation? What do you enjoy about your job?

“I’m currently working as a First Assistant Editor in feature films. I love seeing a film come together from the first round of dailies to the final mix. It’s wonderful being a part of different films being formed and shaped in the cutting room.”

CCI: What has been your proudest accomplishment in your professional career so far?

“My proudest professional moments to date have to be seeing the audience reactions to some of the films I’ve been fortunate enough to work on. I’ve had the privilege of working on movies like Rogue One, Aquaman, and Top Gun: Maverick. It’s been a genuine pleasure getting to share them with the world.”

To see what films Cantey has worked on, view his IMBd here!