CCI Alumna Lauren Daly Accepts Producer Position at YouTube

Lauren Daly graduated from Florida State in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television, and Digital Communication. Here, she developed her passion for media creation, recently accepting a position as a content producer for the YouTube Creators Channel at Google.

Daly credits her time at Florida State and experiences like working with Seminole Productions as being formative for her current endeavors. Despite grueling hours, volunteering with this organization and growing attuned to a high-pressure environment has set her up for success. “I got to learn technical skills like shooting, editing, technical directing, and sports broadcasting philosophy, but I also made great professional connections, learned to manage a high-stress job with abnormal hours, and grasp a broader understanding of how things work,” shared Daly.

When applying to work for Google, Daly went through multiple interviews over the course of three months. While this process is notoriously intense, Daly enjoyed talking to everyone she met and was excited to work on this team. Daly said, “I absolutely love the job because I get to create, write, cast, direct, and oversee post-production for every video.” Daly produces content for the YouTube Creators Channel, supporting media creators, finding the best production practices, and touching many departments across YouTube. In addition, she serves as a production strategist for the Visual Communications team, helping production be used to its fullest capabilities.

When encouraging students looking to pursue a similar career path, Daly stresses the importance of seizing opportunities and never discounting experiences. Although one job may not be the perfect description of someone’s dream profession, the skills learned will likely get them closer to their end goal. “This industry is all about doing the work, even when you don’t know when the next door is going to pop up,” said Daly. “If you work hard, the doors will come- but you have to be ready to walk through them!”

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