CCI Alumna Received a 2023 Moxie Award

SCOM Alumna Savannah Greene (B.S. ’17) received a 2023 Moxie Award. This award, organized by the tech company Built-In, focuses on acknowledging women in the technology industry. The women who received this award were recognized for their outstanding skills, leadership, and accomplishments.

Out of 800 nominations and 100 women who received the award, Greene was described as “brilliant, humble, and data-driven.” Greene’s position as Manager of Client Marketing at Popmenu has allowed her to showcase her skills on a larger scale. The nominator expressed that Greene “has made such a huge impact on our organization at large. She is not afraid to step in, make suggestions, provide insight, or offer critiques when it counts.”

“I have been able to live out my dream career early,” said Greene, who joined the Popmenu family in 2018, “building a consulting business within our organization focused on restaurant marketing.”

Greene chose to start her career at a start-up company so she could face challenges and take every opportunity available. She advised that “students entering the workforce in marketing, technology, media, or any industry should find a role or a business that both challenges and excites you. You’ll grow fast and learn more when you’re challenged outside of your comfort zone, and you’ll do your best when you’re passionate about the mission behind your work. Fail forward and give your peers and leaders the space to do so as well.”

When expressing her gratitude for this award, Greene mentioned that “Popmenu’s culture and core values continue to inspire me every day. One of our core values is to make others shine. This means we compete together, not against each other, and we fiercely support each other in our successes and beyond. Our value of acting like an owner, and knowing everyone is fired up about our vision, has allowed me to go out of my comfort zone and share my ideas freely.”