CCI Graduate Mike Mitchell Recognized as a Notable Nole

Having completed his undergraduate degree in Economics here at Florida State in 2013, Mike returned to his alma mater in 2016 as a staff member in the FSU Office of Research Development, where he also began his master’s program at CCI. Mike credits Dr. Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, his mentor in the Public Interest Media and Communication program, with helping him develop his communication skills to better present new ideas and encourage people to adopt them. This skill has been essential to his current position, where he helps FSU researchers connect to form new collaborative teams and communicate how their ideas will help solve complex problems. 

Mike’s advice to current students is to not feel discouraged if they haven’t had a perfect academic experience. “I switched majors three times, seriously considered dropping out, and even missed the deadline to apply for graduation my senior year,” said Mike. “Don’t be discouraged if it’s taking longer than you’d like to find the right path. Just don’t stop trying to find it.” Mike said he was lucky to find an internship just months before graduation that jumpstarted his career and led him to where he is today. He recommends that students look for opportunities in places where there are gaps, and ask themselves “What needs to be done that no one else is doing?” 

In the future, Mike hopes to continue to advance creativity and innovation at FSU by building and accelerating new research teams through the Collaborative Collision program. He also may even go for a Ph.D. himself!

Mike is one of three CCI alumni recognized as a Notable Nole by the FSU Alumni Association. You can find all of this year’s Notable Noles here.