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CCI students visits Kre8 Media

College of Communication & Information students recently visited Kre8 Media in Orlando. Already in the area judging at the Technology Student Association (TSA) Conference, the students visited the agency to see what a successful business looks like in-action (and to connect with alumni).

Kre8 Media is one of the quickest growing direct response agencies in the United States, specializing in Traditional Direct Response Television, Drive-to-Web Direct Response Television and Digital Marketing.

juliana_gonzalez_qaJuliana Gonzalez, an ICT graduate who facilitated the visit, guided the group through an office tour. After the tour, alumni from Florida State sat down with the group to talk about the company’s mission and goals, their growth trajectory, and job openings at Kre8. Students Rachel Roberson, Stepanie Plucinsky, Shelby Schlembach, Rachel Bryson, Russ Hill Jr., Joey Cardenas, Martin Sung, Milton Ramer, Courtney Lisenbee and Chelsea Thorn attended the company visit.

Kre8’s Director of Client Services, Stephen Pickens, graduated from the IMC program in 2008. He’s looking to help expand the company, saying,”FSU CCI has done a great job in preparing their students to be effective employees that have a thirst for knowledge, a productive work ethic, and are professional communicators – all essential attributes for successful candidates to possess. We are eager to screen candidates from FSU based on the positive impact that FSU grads have had on our company thus far.”

Kre8 Media employs six Florida State alumni, two who graduated from CCI:

Stephen Pickens, Director of Client Services and Business Development • Integrated Marketing Communication ’08
Juliana Gonzalez, Junior Account Executive • Information Communication Technology ’13
Lauren Eubanks-Atherton, Media Supervisor • Marketing
Jennifer Steffens, Assistant Media Buyer • Marketing
Sabrina DaPonte, Assistant Media Buyer • Marketing
Lauren Demateis, Accounts Payable • Retail Merchandising

“The visit showcased a growing company that has invested in its people, especially FSU students, and that is looking for more talent to continue their success,” said Associate Dean Ebe Randeree, who accompanied the group. “Now its up to our students to apply for jobs and internships with Kre8 Media.”

Juliana Gonzalez recently completed her first year at Kre8 Media. She believes that Kre8 provides “an excellent environment to grow marketing skills and enthusiastic and knowledgeable coworkers that truly make Kre8 a great learning space. Kre8 employees are hardworking and are very dedicated to their clients. The fundamentals and values that she gained from FSU CCI plays an integral role in the foundation of knowledge that she is applying to Kre8. She believes she is very fortunate to work for a company that cares about their employees, a company that is kick-starting her career in an extremely positive way.”