COMM alumna leads Firehouse Subs as VP of Communications

Cecily SorensenCecily Sorensen set foot on Florida State University’s campus in 1995 when she started her undergraduate career. “Some of the best years of my life were at FSU,” she remembers. “Both socially and scholastically.”

Cecily wasn’t 100% sure what she wanted to pursue, initially electing English as her major. Eventually, she found the field of Communications and in 1999, she graduated with her Bachelor’s in Communication and went on to pursue her Master’s in Mass Communication and Marketing/Media Research.

Shortly after graduating in 2000, she started as a Junior Account Executive at the McCormick Agency Public Relations. During her time at McCormick, she was introduced to clients like American Express, Florida Coastal School of Law, and Firehouse Subs. Four years and a promotion later, Cecily left the firm to join Firehouse Subs as a Manager of Corporate Communications.

Since 2005, she has built a communications department from the ground up. Overseeing internal communications, public relations, social media, guest services and event planning. “During my tenure, the brand has garnered billions of PR impressions and been named a top 10 brand in social media within the restaurant industry.”

Cecily with the band Foreigner

In 2013, Cecily was promoted to Vice President of Corporate Communications after eight years with Firehouse Subs. Part of her job includes event planning – Firehouse Subs hosted a private concert with Foreigner and Lonestar at the Hard Rock in Orlando this past May. During the franchise conference, Tallahassee-based The Zimmerman Agency was named Vendor of the Year, celebrating 1.6 billion media impressions for 2013 under Cecily’s leadership. “I am successful because of Florida State and its investment in helping me find my way,” she recalls. “I can’t imagine having been in any other major.”

“Our craft changes daily and we must adapt with it. I owe what has been such a fascinating, rewarding and lucrative career to my alma mater.”

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