COMM Grad is Production Assistant for Sleepy Hollow

IMG_7787These days the Sleepy Hollow set doesn’t function without Erin Thompson, a media production grad. Thompson landed the job shortly after her 2014 graduation, in North Carolina’s “Wilmywood” area (known for its film industry).

“My classes at FSU taught me that production is competitive and hard to find a way in… [and] making connections is extremely important,” says Thompson. She worked as an extra for the Fox television show until she walked up to an Assistant Director and told him she wanted more. Within the week she began her job as a Production Assistant.

“I’m proud that I talked to the Assistant Director that day,” says Thompson.”It showed him I was passionate and willing to work.”

The position requires on-call availability and extreme hours. Thompson has had experience with the gamut of background production tasks; keeping track of background actors, main actors, distributing paperwork and keeping the crew quiet while the camera is rolling.

“My background in Media Production [from FSU] will help me move up faster through different production jobs. I am excited to see what doors this position will open…”Says Thompson.

In the near future Erin Thompson hopes to work on a Nicholas Sparks film that will be starting production next month in Wilmington.