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Jenny Knipe interns at the Rachael Ray Show

headshotIt started in summer 2014 when Jenny Knipe was looking for an internship to boost her resume. Graduation was two semester away, in spring 2015, and she knew she needed experience to make her an attractive hire post-grad. She landed an internship with Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm, and moved to New York City.

At Edelman, she was involved in the Consumer Public Relations department for the Dove brand. During her summer in NYC, Jenny attended a networking event where professionals could meet students. She ended up talking to another native Floridian who worked as a Senior Producer at the Rachael Ray Show. A follow-up email with a resume attached and Jenny got a call the very next day.

She had managed to land one internship in NYC and had hooked another one before she left the city. She spent her final fall semester in Tallahassee and packed her bags for New York once again in January. This time, as an intern for the Rachael Ray Show.

On the day-to-day, you can find Jenny picking up food for the show and running errands for various departments.

“I help with nearly every department on the show because there’s always something to be done,” she shared.

On a filming day, she work with either Production or Audience. In Production, she does research and aids producers with segments. With audience, she helps bring guests in and out. Jenny and the other interns were offered the opportunity to pitch segments to the producers. Pitches can vary from potential segment ideas to to games and crafts to feature on the show.

“Each day is different and very fast-paced, but always something new and exciting!”

Jenny interns three days a week and is a nanny in her off-time, as well as an online student at FSU. Her hard work paid off and on May 2nd, she walked the stage and received her degree in Media Communication Studies. After the ceremony, she hopped back on a plane to NYC to finish her internship. With one month left at Rachael Ray, Jenny is looking forward to getting into the industry as an official alumni.

During her time as a Nole, Jenny was a member of the FSU Golden Girls and a reporter for Seminole Productions.

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