Meet CCI Alumna Mary Katherine Pittman

Meet Mary Katherine Pittman, CCI alumna and Strategic Policy Advisor in the Office of the Governor for the state of Alabama.

Mary Katherine graduated from FSU in 2017 with her Bachelor’s in Media/Communication Studies. From there, she obtained her Master’s in Public Administration in 2019 from Auburn University. After completing her Master’s, she spent two years as an educator in South Carolina with the Teach for America program.

In her current role with the Office of the Governor of Alabama, she conducts research on topics such as agriculture, energy, and criminal justice, and gathers information  that leads to the implementation of effective legislation. Additionally, some of her day-to-day responsibilities involve collaborating with various stakeholders and entities, analyzing legislation, and educating herself on issues that revolve around her policy areas.

Pittman credits her experience within CCI for having given her the tools she needed to build a successful career. “Being an FSU CCI student is an experience like none other,” Pittman said. “Florida State provided me with a plethora of opportunities that allowed for a robust college experience and exceeded any expectation I had.”

The 2017 alumna specifically mentioned her study abroad program in London. “It was an incredible experience, and I still draw from it today,” she said. Pittman underlined how people at FSU have consistently encouraged her and supported her in her quest to fulfill her goals and dreams.

“My first communication class, Zeigler’s communication theory class, will always be ingrained in my memory. One could not ask for a better welcome to FSU than having him usher you into your college experience,” Pittman recalls.  “From there, I had a variety of professors who were experts in their field, such as advertising, public relations, and law. It was humbling to learn from such an elite group of educators. As I am asked where I attended college, I am proud to share FSU’s College of Communication and Information, knowing that I was surrounded by such expertise and skill.”

Today, Pittman advises current CCI students to examine every opportunity presented to them, to see if it aligns with their future career goals. “As I reflect on my journey at Florida State University, Auburn University, Teach for America, and now my current role in Alabama, it has become evident that each internship, class, extra-curricular activity, and relationship has led me to where I am now,” she said. “During and after an opportunity, I challenge you to take time and reflect. Points I often consider during reflection are aspects that I enjoyed about that opportunity, instances where I could have improved my work, following up with folks I met, and what lessons there are to learn..” She also urges students to never underestimate the power of hard work. “There will be moments where you may not have the answer or question your path, but do not lose sight of the grand picture you have for yourself. Rest assured, possessing a strong work ethic and being a problem solver will provide you with the leverage needed to be your own best advocate.”

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