SCOM Alumna Kelly Corder Works with Vice President Kamala Harris’ Communications Team During Visit to Tallahassee

Written by Elle Schutte

FSU School of Communication alumna Kelly Corder works as the Director of Media Relations at Tallahassee’s Sachs Media, where she recently had the opportunity to work with Vice President Kamala Harris’ communications team during the Vice President’s visit to Tallahassee to commemorate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

The Tallahassee native talked more about her studies at FSU’s School of Communication and what it was like working with Vice President Harris’ team.


Q: How did your studies at FSU’s School of Communication prepare you for your career as a public relations professional?

A: Attending the School of Communication really opened my eyes because I discovered that I could merge my love of writing and my appreciation for television production into a fulfilling career that I could be passionate about … The level of support I received from the College as I figured everything out from the more simple, like designing my schedule, to the more complex, like whether or not to graduate early, was incredible.

Additionally, a big part of my studies entailed the history of media. As much as I enjoyed the coursework, I’m not sure I realized just how much I would use it in my day-to-day, coordinating and working with journalists and other members of the media. Having that historical context about the major networks and the evolution of media is woven into the fabric of everything I do as it relates to media relations.


Q: What was your experience in working with Vice President Kamala Harris’ team during her visit to Tallahassee? Is there anything that stood out to you as unique or that surprised you about the experience?

A: Working with the Vice President’s advance and communications teams was incredibly rewarding and informative. Not only was the topic of the event one I’m extremely passionate about, but watching how the most skilled and experienced professionals operate can only make you a better professional.

One thing that I suppose surprised me is that no matter if you’re working in DC with the Vice President, or if you work in Tallahassee at a Florida PR agency, many of the challenges we face are the same. To be successful in PR or communications, you have to be nimble, you have to think strategically and quickly, and you have to be prepared for anything. That’s why I love it.