SCOM Alumna Nanette Schimpf Hosts Current FPRA Students, Offers Industry Advice

Written by Michael Alfele

Florida State’s chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) recently visited The Moore Agency for their semesterly local agency visit, where they were hosted by Nanette Schimpf, a School of Communication (SCOM) alumna.

Schimpf, an FPRA alumna and Vice President at The Moore Agency, described the day-to-day operations of the agency. She also shared insights about her experience and the most important tools for young professionals in the field.

Reflecting on her experience as an alumna, Schimpf expressed enthusiasm for mentoring and guiding the next generation of PR professionals. “We very much enjoy hosting students at The Moore Agency and are dedicated to mentoring them through their time at college,” Schimpf said. “It is an important part of giving back.”

According to Schimpf, networking plays a critical role in unlocking professional opportunities and establishing one’s reputation within the industry. She highlighted the importance of cultivating genuine relationships and actively participating in professional communities to enhance visibility and credibility.

Offering advice to current SCOM students, Schimpf emphasized the importance of developing strong writing skills, keeping updated with industry trends, staying flexible and embracing creativity. Through further hands-on experience, strategic networking, and a commitment to ongoing learning, Schimpf noted that SCOM students can continue to navigate their professional journeys with confidence and success.