SCOM Alumna Nominated for The Grocers of America’s Woman of the Year Award

School of Communication Alumna Jackie LaPointe (B.S. ‘15) was recently nominated for the Women Grocers of America’s Woman of the Year Award.

President of WGA Kristin Popp (left), Jackie LaPointe (middle), and VP of WGA Heidi Huff (right)

LaPointe has collaborated with the Women Grocers of America (WGA) to establish and expand the WGA Executive Female Leaders Network (EXFL). This network, led by Kristin Popp (EVP at Woodman’s Food Markets), supports and empowers women executives in the grocery industry. LaPointe worked alongside Popp to design a platform that provides a vital space for women to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and celebrate their collective successes. She has also been given the opportunity to host two of their conferences.

“Professionally, this nomination signifies a meaningful milestone in my career,” LaPointe said. “It reinforces the significance of the work I have accomplished and the contributions I have made to the grocery industry. It also motivates me to continue pushing boundaries and aspiring to raise the bar. It takes a village, and I am lucky to have so many amazing women in this industry to look up to.”

“Quick 5 with Upside” is one of LaPointe’s projects that led her to the nomination. It is a video series showcasing nearly 50 interviews with the nation’s top women leaders in the grocery industry.

“The process of curating this video series involved significant dedication, research, and networking. It required reaching out to influential women, forming connections, and gaining their trust to participate in the interviews,” LaPointe told CCI. “The experience of engaging with such accomplished individuals not only enriched my knowledge of the industry but also provided me with profound insights into the challenges and triumphs that women face in leadership roles.”

LaPointe’s journey has led her to her current role as a Commercial Sales Director for Blue Cloud Distribution, where she leads the sales efforts for the West Division.