CCI Faculty and Students Nominated for Outstanding Teaching & Advising Awards

CCI students and faculty have been recognized for their contributions as teachers and advisors in the 2021-22 academic year.

“It is part of our core mission in CCI and FSU to continually explore ways to be more effective in our teaching and in facilitating student learning,” said Dr. Stephen McDowell, Interim Dean of the College of Communication and Information. “I’m so glad that these individuals have gained these nominations. arising both from their efforts and effectiveness, and for making a difference in students’ lives.”

The following faculty members have been nominated for University Teaching and Advising awards:

  • Jonathan Adams: Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring Award; Innovation in Teaching Award
  • Malia Bruker: Outstanding Teaching in the Major Award (undergraduate)
  • Kimberlee Crass: Outstanding Teaching in the Major Award (undergraduate)
  • Brian Graves: Foundational Course Excellence Award (undergraduate)
  • Toby Graves: Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award
  • Chanta Haywood: Outstanding Teaching in the Major Award (undergraduate); Distinguished Teacher Award
  • Mark Jowett: Outstanding Teaching in the Major Award (undergraduate)
  • Don Latham: Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award
  • Paul Marty: Excellence in Online Teaching (graduate and undergraduate) Award; Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award; Distinguished Teacher Award
  • Chris New: Outstanding Undergraduate Advising
  • Ebe Randeree: Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring Award (graduate and undergraduate); Distinguished Teacher Award
  • Michelle Therrien: Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award
  • Sana Tibi: Foundational Course Excellence Award (undergraduate)
Additionally, three graduate students were nominated for Outstanding Teaching Assistant awards:
  • Sara Collins (Communication Science & Disorders)
  • Hanim Astuti (iSchool)
  • Muhamad Probe Wibowo (iSchool)

Congratulations to our Teaching/Advising Award Nominees