CCI Represents at 69th Annual ICA Conference

In late May, several professors and graduate students from FSU’s College of Communication and Information made their way to Washington, D.C. for the 69th Annual International Communication Association (ICA) Conference. ICA is a leading scholarly organization in the communication discipline and includes more than 4,500 members in 80 countries.

Professors and students showed up and showed out at the conference this year. School of Communication faculty began their terms as division officers as voted on by ICA members, including Dr. Rachel Bailey as the new vice-chair and Dr. Russell Clayton as the new secretary of the of Information Systems Division. research projects throughout the week-long conference, a few of which received top paper awards. The presentations included:

“Reminiscing with Past Selves: Investigating the Impact of Nostalgic Music on Temporal Comparisons and Cognitive Processing of Radio Advertisements” ** Top Paper Award (1/185 submissions in Information Systems Division).

  • Authors: Russell B. Clayton; Joshua Hendrickse; Claire M. Georgiadis; Samantha Rice; Sean J. Sawicki

“Droning Terror: Framing Moral Disengagement and Conflict Resolution in Pakistani and US News Media”

  • Authors: Muhammad E. Rasul, Arthur A. Raney

“Music and Minority Health: Examining the Role of Music-Based Approaches for Mental and Physical Health Among Hispanics”

  • Authors: Juan Sebastian Muhamad, Jessica Wendorf Muhamad

“Feelings of Guilt in Virtual Reality Video Games”

  • Author: Jonmichael C. Seibert

“Being a Part of the Bigger World: Information-Seeking Behavior of Russian and Ukrainian Immigrants with Regard to the U.S. Culture”

  • Author: Svitlana Jaroszynski

“Victim or Villain? Analyzing Video Game Content for Evidence of Mental Health Stigma”

  • Authors: Arienne Ferchaud; Nicholas Sellers

“Anti-Vaping Messages and Secondary Task Reaction Times (STRTs): Does Psychological Reactance Reduce STRTs and Recognition Memory?”

  • Authors: Russell B. Clayton; Ashley N. Sanders-Jackson; Glenn M. Leshner; Joshua Hendrickse; Sean J. Sawicki

“The “Wow!”-Effect: Introducing Awe as Novel Element of the (VR) Video Game Experience”

  • Authors: Daniel Possler; Christoph Klimmt; Arthur A. Raney; Friedrich Steger; Louisa Landmann; Jonmichael C. Seibert

“Awe-Inspirational Gaming: Exploring the Formation and Entertaining Effects of Awe in Video Games”

  • Authors: Daniel Possler; Jule Scheper; Julian Kreissl; Arthur A. Raney; Anna S. Kuempel; Julian Unkel

“Biological Food Cues on Food Packaging Contribute to Greater Perceptions of Health and Calorie Intake”

  • Authors: Rachel Bailey; Jiawei Liu; Tianjiao Wang; Farzaneh Karimkhanashtiyani

“Did You Mean Caste?: An Assessment of Objectivity of Google Search Results in India”

  • Author: Kailash Koushik

“Comparison of Speech Acts in Twitter Activism in India and the US Speech Acts in Twitter Activism in India”

  • Author: Vaibhav S. Diwanji

“The Innovation-Decision Process in Electric Vehicle Owners”

  • Author: Mike Mitchell

“Development and Validation of the Attitudes Toward Virtual Reality Technology Scale (AVRT)”

  • Authors: Jonmichael C. Seibert; Joshua Hendrickse; Ulla Sypher

“Working Out or Hardly Working: An Examination of Self Health Perceptions and Wearable Fitness Tracker Adoption”

  • Authors: Sean J. Sawicki; Chelsea D. Shore; Nicholas Davidson

“Am I as Pretty as I’m Supposed to Be; The Correlation Between Exposure to Cosmetic Related Content on Instagram and Young Females’ Self-Esteem”

  • Author: Farzaneh Karimkhanashtiyani

“The Effects of Depicting Thin and Average-Size Models in Sexualizing and Empowering Contexts on Women’s Body Image”

  • Authors: Joshua Hendrickse; Elizabeth C. Ray; Rachel Secharan; Jessica L. Ridgway; Russell B. Clayton

“The Influence of Self/User Generated Content on Accessibility of Personal Norms”

  • Authors: Laura Arpan; Yijie Wu; Nancy Rhodes; Andreas Nilsson

“Visual Attention to Vaping Related Cues in Public Service Announcements and Effects on Vaping- and Smoking-Related Outcomes”

  • Authors: Dominik Neumann; Ashley N. Sanders-Jackson; Russell B. Clayton; Andy Tan; Kyeungyeun Yie

“An Unauthorized It System & Insider Threat: Opportunity as a Situational Perspective Extended Abstract”

  • Author: Asif Sheikh

“Awe and Stereotypes: Examining Awe as an Intervention Against Stereotypical Media Portrayals of African Americans”

  • Authors: Katherine Dale; Sophie Janicke-Bowles; Arthur A. Raney; Mary B. Oliver; Laura-Kate Huse; Jacob Lopez; Abigail Reed; Jonmichael C. Seibert; Danyang Zhao