Header image for Houck receives 2015 Guardian of the Flame Faculty Award

Houck receives 2015 Guardian of the Flame Faculty Award

Davis Houck-01As the only faculty recognition award by the FSU student body, members of Burning Spear, Inc. recognized faculty members across campus who have made a difference in advancing FSU as a leading higher education institution. Davis Houck, School of Communication professor, is one of the respected faculty members honored with this year’s award.

Houck joined the College of Communication and Information in Spring 2000 and has been an integral part of the Media and Communication Studies department ever since. He is the author of four books, including FDR and Fear Itself: The First Inaugural Address which was submitted for a Pulitzer Prize. He was named the Volunteer of the Year for the Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend and the Martin Luther King Distinguished Service Award from Florida State University. When he isn’t teaching Classical Rhetoric, you can find him gardening, golfing and eating sushi with his wife, Ingrid.

The Guardian of the Flame Faculty Award was created by the Burning Spear organization in 2008 to encourage better relationships between students and faculty at FSU.  This award is a symbol of excellence that commends outstanding faculty members every spring, from each college, who have demonstrated dedication through their work and a commitment towards improving FSU.  Other past College of Communication and Information award recipients include Jonathan Adams (2013), Felipe Korzenny (2012), Jay Rayburn (2011 and 2009), Barry Solomon  (2010), Ebe Randeree (2009), Christie Koontz (2008) and Mark Zeigler (2008).

Burning Spear is a not-for-profit corporation consisting of diverse current or former student leaders and engaged alumni who actively participate in supporting university goals and helping others to do the same.  Their purpose is to identify exceptional members of the university community and to strengthen campus traditions.  They have over 200 members that assist in acknowledging esteemed FSU graduates, administration, staff, student leaders and organizations.