COMM Professor Proffitt elected as new UFF-FSU Chapter President

Dr. Jennifer Proffitt
Dr. Jennifer Proffitt

Dr. Jennifer Proffitt, Associate Professor in the FSU School of Communication, was elected as the new President of the United Faculty of Florida, FSU Chapter (UFF-FSU) in March 2013.  This organization represents more than 1600 tenuredtenure-track, and non-tenure-track faculty in Tallahassee and Panama City, as well as more than 100 faculty at the FSU School.

Proffitt remarked, “Following the past eleven years of Jack Fiorito’s dedicated service, I look forward to working with all of you, both members and other faculty, to meet the many challenges we face as we all strive to build a stronger, more vibrant institution both here at FSU and the university system statewide.”

UFF-FSU is democratic, member-supported, volunteer-powered voice for faculty at FSU and across the state of Florida.  Since 1976, the organization’s mission has been to advocate for and protect the interest of faculty at FSU.  Its main focus is terms and conditions of employment, including salary, benefits, academic freedom, evaluations, tenure, promotion, due process, sabbaticals, and leaves.  Over the years, members have influenced legislationnegotiated contractual rights, and protected members against contract violations.

Proffitt recommended that faculty who are not currently part of UFF-FSU could benefit from membership, helping to strengthen FSU as an organization, to protect faculty rights, and to ensure effective voice on issues critical to faculty.  Membership forms can be found here.

Since 2005, Proffitt has been a professor at the FSU School of Communication.  She earned her Ph.D. in Mass Communication from Pennsylvania State University.  Proffitt completed her B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh and M.A. from the University of Wyoming, both in Communication.