SCOM Professors Publish New Book

School of Communication (SCOM) Professor Dr. Jennifer Proffitt and Assistant Professor Arienne Ferchaud edited a book collection titled, Television Streaming Wars, which will be released on Nov. 3rd, 2023.

Dr. Jennifer Proffitt

This book addresses contemporary debates and trends regarding the production, distribution, content, and audience engagement with the television industry. As co-authors, Proffitt and Ferchaud wanted to expand beyond academic audiences who study streaming industries and target those who engage with streaming on any level.

Ferchaud explained that the idea for this book sparked from Disney’s recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox. Once Ferchaud communicated this with Proffitt, the book took off from there.

Dr. Arienne Ferchaud

“This book has already introduced us to several talented scholars in the field of television streaming with whom we have built working relationships. These are folks who have contributed chapters to the book and have been incredible colleagues,” Ferchaud said. “Beyond that, we hope this book will make a major impact in the field of media studies; we want it to be THE BOOK people pick up when they go study the streaming industry.”

Sunah Lee

SCOM doctoral candidate and graduate assistant Sunah Lee contributed to the book as well. “I had never imagined participating in writing a book before Dr. Proffitt offered the opportunity, and having done it is such a proud achievement for me,” Lee told CCI. “I hope it inspires the audience to think about what they have never thought about before–that there is a lot more behind the production of streaming TV shows, which are not as glamorous as seen on the surface.”