Header image for FSU Digital Media Production Students Bring “A is for Armed” to YOFI Film Festival

FSU Digital Media Production Students Bring “A is for Armed” to YOFI Film Festival

Digital Media Production students Samantha Hunter and Cristina Fernandez recently attended the Yonkers Film Festival (more commonly dubbed YOFI Fest) in New York for their film, A is for Armed.

Addressing the recent Concealed Carry on Campus bill in Florida in terms of last November’s shooting at Strozier library, A is for Armed engages viewers in a conversation about the root issues of mass shootings, the NRA and the prospect of gun-carrying students. The film features interviews with victims of the FSU shooting, campus police officers, psychiatrists, state representatives, Florida Senator Jeff Clemens, UFF President and School of Communication professor Jennifer Proffitt and the former NRA president Marion Hammer.

Hunter says, “The best part about filming was meeting a community of people that are all working towards a common goal. It was gratifying to work with such beautiful, dedicated people, who are fighting for a better world.”

According to Hunter and Fernandez’s mission statement, their “ultimate goal as documentary filmmakers is to create meaningful journalistic media and spread revolutionizing knowledge…using film as a catalyst for global change.” By looking at global issues through a creative and analytical lens, the duo uses powerful cinematic effects to appeal to the masses and expose dire topics.

The duo was inspired to start creating films as a way to approach global issues.

They say, “Documentaries are such a powerful medium, they have changed the way we think and changed who we are as individuals because of how well information can be delivered through the platform.”

The film was also recently won first place at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

Check out the teaser for the video here. Additionally, to learn more about the Digital Media Production program at FSU, click here.