Bickel Scholarship Application due February 15th

Florida State University, School of Communication

Karl and Madira Bickel Scholarship, Application Instructions, Spring-Summer 2013

Instructions: The School of Communication invites applications for Karl and Madira Bickel student scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to students who are full-time students and Communication majors at Florida State University. Students must meet the criteria established for this scholarship, which is is designated for undergraduate or graduate students with demonstrated financial need and have an interest in journalism, public affairs, documentary, political communication or writing.

It is university policy that all scholarship recipients must prepare a letter of appreciation to the donor with a copy to the department before any funds are disbursed.

Please note: Scholarships will be awarded in March through May 2013, and may cause an adjustment to financial aid award packages. Students are responsible for consulting the Financial Services Office to determine if their awards will be affected by any additional funds.

Applications will be accepted between February 1 and February 15, 2013. Paper application packages are due in the School of Communication (University Center Building C, Suite 3100) by 5:00 pm February 15, 2013. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

The application instructions and cover sheet can be found at:

One copy of the application package must be completed:

1) A completed student information form.

2) A written statement not exceeding two pages double-spaced outlining why you are applying for a Karl and Madira Bickel scholarship and why you should receive that scholarship, how you intend to use the funding, and clear indication of your financial need. You should consult the scholarship information sheet.

3) An official or unofficial copy of the FSU transcript

4) A resume

Package materials should be arranged in order. Incomplete packages will not be considered.

All recipients must be full-time currently enrolled Florida State University School of Communication graduate or undergraduate students. As noted above, successful applicants will need to complete a letter to the donors prior to fund disbursement. They will also be invited to attend the Scholarships Dinner in October 2013 and the College of Communication and Information Convocation in Fall 2013.

Materials should be sent to:

Scholarship Committee
Attn: Ms. Nakeesha Whipple
School of Communication
University Center Building C, Suite 3100
P.O, Box 3062664
Florida State University