CCI Students Participate in Engage 100 Leadership Program

Engage 100 is an exciting, immersive program unique to Florida State University. The program is designed to create fascinating experiences that help student’s flourish in their first year. Through Engage 100, students have the power from their first semester to meet great people, explore their passions, and see all that university life offers. Through small, mentor-guided courses, students learn in a supportive and creative environment designed to unlock their potential.

Emma Roberts with her Engage 100 class.
Emma Roberts with her Engage 100 class.

This past Fall semester the College of Communication and Information had 5 undergraduate students leading Engage 100 courses that cover a variety of topics. Students involved in leading an Engage 100 Course include: Bianca Hamm, Emma Roberts, Korrin Sheahan, Lauren Piotrowski, and Rebeckah Anestin. Read what each of these student leaders had to say about their experience. 

Senior PR student Emma Roberts taught Chart Your Course: Navigating Your FSU Experience and says, “I chose to be an Engage 100 leader because I wanted to help freshmen through their transition from high school to college. I took a Freshman Interest Group during my freshman year and found some of the life and career advice to be really helpful. As a senior at FSU, I wanted to be a support system for freshmen because I know how tough your first year of college can be. I also wanted to get more involved on campus and thought it would be a great way to do that.”

“Engage 100 has taught me many invaluable leadership skills during my time in the courses and as a leader. Perhaps the most important skill would be effective communication. For me, communication has always been something I valued,” says Lauren Piotrowski, an Engage 100 Leader. “Engage 100 re-emphasized the importance of communication as a leader. I am grateful to have learned more about these important topics through this program.”

“I chose to do Engage 100 because I wanted to provide information that I wished someone gave me when I first got to college,” says Engage 100 Leader Rebeckah Anestin. “My favorite part of the Engage 100 experience this year was our class on mental health. We did an activity where the students had to write positive affirmations about themselves and that was the first time they truly opened up.” 

Bianca Hamm & her UROP Colloquium
Bianca Hamm and her UROP Transfer Colloquium.

“I was in a FIG my freshman year and loved my class, which led me to apply to do Engage 100,” says SCSD graduate student and Engage 100 Leader Korrin Sheahan. “I wanted to give back to FSU, and working with new freshmen is so amazing when you get to see how much they grow over the course of their first semester.” 

Bianca Hamm, an SCSD junior and UROP Transfer Colloquium Leader says, “If you want to get involved with Engage 100, I strongly encourage you to check your email around the fall semester when applications go out and speak with someone who is already involved. Engage 100 courses span across numerous majors, topics, and academic programs so there are plenty of leaders to talk to. It is a great program and the professional staff that you work with is amazing.”

CCI is so proud of our student leaders on campus for their dedication to making FSU a more diverse and engaging institution. 

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