Farewell to a Friend: Courtney Carter

Courtney CarterCourtney Carter, 19, a student in the School of Communication, passed away November 23, 2014 at Shands Medical Center in Gainesville, from complications of systemic lupus.

Courtney has left behind an incredible legacy, with her blog and YouTube channel showing shining examples of Courtney’s strong, unbreakable spirit. Diagnosed in eighth grade with lupus, Courtney’s road has been challenging, “Think about when you have the flu virus, your body will create antibodies to kill the virus. Lupus will think that parts of your own self are foreign and create antibodies to attack it,” she explained, in her YouTube video “My Story + Positivity | Keep on Keepin On.

A student at Florida State, Courtney was also involved in Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. Her sisters held a private vigil for Courtney on December 2nd at First Presbyterian Church. “Courtney has left a legacy at Alpha Gamma Delta,” shared AGD sister, Karina Cabrera. “Her bright smile, sweetness, and positivity will be missed dearly by sisters and myself.” Adding, “I feel priviledged to have met Courtney, and even more thankful to call her my sister.”

Despite many ups, downs, and plateaus… Courtney kept a smiling face and a great attitude about her illness, but she never let it define her. “Lupus doesn’t define me, it’s just something I have,” she shared in one of her many YouTube videos. “I have a really bad case of lupus, I do, and i know that’s going to give me limitations, but God gave you this battle because you can handle it.”

She is survived by her parents, Charmaine and John Carter and siblings Victoria and Jonathan. Courtney’s bright personality will be missed by many, including Professor Davis Houck, who wrote, “We mourn the passing of Courtney Carter, who I was privileged to have as a student this term. Her sweet radiance will be missed by so many.”

Visit the Lupus Foundation of America to learn more about lupus.