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Grad student published on USAToday.com

image1Alexia Gonzalez, recent graduate of the College of Arts & Sciences with a degree in English and incoming graduate student in the School of Communication, was recently published on USAToday.com.

Gonzalez writes for ULoop, a college news and classifieds resource for student housing, jobs, internships, and more. Her article, The alumni family: How to reap the benefits and stay socially involved, was picked up by USA Today College via the USA Today College Contributor Network.

“As an aspiring journalist, I began my career as a creative writer turned editorial intern, drafting press releases and translating media content. If someone had told me then that my own work would be featured in a publication as prestigious as USA TODAY, I would have never believed them,” she shared.

“What started out as an internship writing for Florida State University’s Uloop page, has turned into a life changing opportunity that has brought my work exposure on a national scale. Today, I am a Featured Columnist for Uloop, with articles published in both USA TODAY and The Huffington Post. This experience has proved to me that dreams are nothing but goals in the making.” 

Her article talks about the importance of alumni networking and the myriad of ways to get involved as an alumni.

The Miami native has published dozens of articles for Uloop. Check out her archives here.