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Meet Digital Media Production Student — Evelyn Bradfield

Florida State University Digital Media Production senior, Evelyn Bradfield, is embracing the fast-paced and dream-chasing lifestyle in New York, New York this Spring semester. The Jane Street Entertainment intern is working hard for the owners, who are also executive producers of Choppeda popular American television series that features timed culinary competitions between four chefs. Bradfield is also savoring the experience of working with other well-known series: Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off, Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, Deep Fried Masters, and others.

“I’ve always been interested in film and television, but I really fell in love with it in high school,” Evelyn explains.

Bradfield’s first internship in the summer of 2013 was with Oops Doughnuts Productions in Los Angeles, California, where she covered script, organized DVD’s and CD’s, visited the Disney set every week, and helped make guest lists and VIP settings for Internet Icons Season 2’s live finale. The Oops Doughnuts Productions’ owner has directed with the unforgettable 2006 romantic comedy, She’s The Man, and is director of the 2015 upcoming comedy, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

Before her current internship, Bradfield worked with Seminole Productions and helped film live events during football, baseball, and basketball seasons from January to December 2014.

“I think the whole Seminole Productions staff has really had an impact on my education. Jim Shaw, Sarah Hartle, Sharni Howarth, Corrina Dolan. They made school and going to class something to look forward to,” Evelyn said.

Currently, at Jane Street Entertainment, she is responsible for compiling research about new reality television shows in development and runs  “intern” errands. Bradfield is residing with her godfather in New Jersey, who had been raised around New York his whole life.

“It’s nice to have someone who knows the city like he does. The commute [to work] is about 2 hours total a day, but once you see the cityscape driving towards the Lincoln Tunnel, it seems to make the whole trip worth it,” she says.

As for her dream job, Evelyn hopes to work for the National Broadcasting Company, NBC, and loves late-night comedy shows, especially The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Although the idea of graduation this Spring 2015 has Bradfield feeling “excited and terrified”, she is confident that she will begin her career in the television industry after commencement. She is interested in all aspects of media production–development, preproduction, production, and other elements of the process.

“I’ve always been used to one school year leading to another. But I have a decision to make at this point in my life,” Evelyn expresses.

Reminiscent of her time in college, Bradfield has produced various films for coursework in her Single Camera Production class and other Media Production classes. This year, Bradfield was selected as a Seminole Torchbearer in light of her campus pride and involvement. She is also extremely grateful for her godfather and is thankful for his guidance, along with that from her parents and sisters, which has been essential for her career journey’s success.

“Florida State taught me to be more than I thought I was. I was forced out of my comfort zone and it hugely impacted my experience on and off campus. Opportunities present themselves with hard work and dedication on your side. The work ethic I picked up while at Florida State has definitely impacted the way I work at my internship,” she explains.

View Evelyn’s Vimeo page here.