Ave Maria School of Law Information Technology Intern

The Ave Maria School of Law located in the Vineyards in Naples, FL seeks an intern from a local college or university for an unpaid position guaranteed to provide experience in a variety of an academic library technical service functions.  A TS interns must be in pursuit of a degree for the Master of Library and Information Sciences; one semester of LIS coursework or previous library experience is required; must be mature, reliable, dependable individual able to relate to a variety of persons; knowledge of database structure and standards and knowledge of image file formats and data manipulation is preferred; candidate must be self motivated and work well in a team environment.

Duties and Responsibilities: As our Technical services Intern, you will have a wide range of duties and responsibilities that will test your critical thinking and problem solving skills. You will actively apply information that you have learned from your coursework and get real world experience. You will be actively involved in all of our processes and procedures.

Your mission-critical duties will include:

  • physical processing and shelving of library materials
  • checking in and creating item records for serials/periodicals
  • working with an integrated library system (Innovative Interfaces)
  • claiming library materials by contacting vendors
  • other duties pertaining to Technical Services operation may be assigned


Ongoing supervision will be provided by Law Librarian.


Preferred commitment is a full semester of 13 weeks scheduled at 10-20 hours per week. Other hours per week can be arranged. This is an unpaid position with no benefits or travel reimbursement


Evaluations will take place on a regularly scheduled basis as Department and/or college/university requirements dictate. Consultation will be available from the immediate supervision.  At the end of the program, intern should provide the Technical Services Librarian with a summary of the project and written guidelines for preservation and conservation standards.

 Interested applicants must submit their resume to Human Resources at trhouchen@avemarialaw.edu