Fox 35 Internship Program – Creative Services

Fox 35 is a committed local media leader in Central Florida. That commitment includes educating and preparing students for future careers in broadcast television. The Fox 35 Creative Services Internship experience will focus on seven major areas:
• News Marketing
• Script Development
• Studio & On-location Video Production
• Video Post-Production
• Graphic Design
• Social Media Messaging
• Community Affairs

Training in these seven areas includes, but is not limited to the following:

News Marketing
• Research and monitor news audience trends
• Assist in the selection of appropriate news stories for daily promotion
• Assist with scripting, shooting, and editing of topical news promo spots
Script Development
• Script writing for a variety of on-air promotional, commercials, public service spots.
Studio & On-location Video Production
• Serve as production assistant
• Assist with set lighting
• Shoot with a variety of video and still cameras
• Coordinate on-camera talent and extras
• Setup and breakdown equipment, as needed
Video Post-Production
• Basic video editing on non-linear Avid systems
• Basic audio editing and sound design
Graphic Design
• Create and edit graphic materials utilizing Adobe products (PhotoShop, AfterEffects)
Social Media Messaging
• Write compelling messages for social media purposes
• Schedule and post content to station’s Facebook and Twitter sites
Community Affairs
• Meet and greet Fox 35 viewers
• Distribute promotional gifts
• Recruit Facebook fans
• Shoot highlight photos for web and social media use
• Assist news talent with public appearances


Interns can expect a reasonable rotation through each of these disciplines (as projects permit). The goal is to provide a hand-on learning opportunity in all facets of media promotion.
Interns not only represent themselves, and their respective schools, but Fox Television as well. Business casual attire is expected at most times. Women should not wear low-cut tops or short skirts. Men should wear collared shirts. Blue jeans are permissible only on Fridays or weekends. With the exception of days involving outdoor work (such as on-location production or community events) shorts are prohibited. Inquiries regarding the Creative Services internship should be directed to:
John Lopez
Marketing Manager
Fox Television Orlando (WOFL/WRBW/WOGX)