Internships @ VISIT FLORIDA



VISIT FLORIDA offers internship programs through the Creative Services, Advertising, Corporate Communications, Industry Relations, Promotions, Public Relations and Research departments during the spring, summer and fall.  All internship programs are offered at the Tallahassee Corporate office.  Each internship program requires a minimum of 25 hours per week and a stipend is awarded based on performance at the end of each internship.


Creative Services Department Internship


The Creative Services department is responsible for designing, creating and producing all in-house creative projects in support of VISIT FLORIDA’s programs and missions.


Internship responsibilities include, but not limited to:

* Produce graphics for print and web publications

* Work with local printers and support web publications

* Develop and typeset layouts using design software

(Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)


For more information:  Damien Raimondi, Creative Services Manager

(850) 205-3816


Advertising & Internet Department Graduate Residency


The Advertising & Internet department is responsible for coordinating the efforts of contracted advertising and publishing agencies to create, purchase and measure performance of print, broadcast and electronic media promoting travel to and within Florida, primarily through cooperative advertising programs.  The department also manages web development projects on, the state’s official travel planning web site.  Direct marketing efforts are carried out through the VISIT FLORIDA Dialogue Program, a targeted direct mail and e-mail marketing program.


Graduate Residency responsibilities include, but not limited to:

* Assist advertising manager and marketing representative with current/new

project development

* Aggregate and summarize advertising measures

* Assist with customer segment profiles

* Further integrate marketing communication efforts


For more information:  Ashley Abney, Marketing Representative

(850) 205-3859


Corporate Communications Department Internship


The Corporate Communications Department is responsible for public relations, media relations, crisis management and any other corporate-specific events on behalf of VISIT FLORIDA. Through media activities, strategic programs, proactive pitching and integrated campaigns, the Corporate Communications Department manages corporate communications for the company and generates positive exposure for VISIT FLORIDA in media outlets throughout the world.


Internship responsibilities include, but not limited to:

* Writing news releases

* Coordinating special events

* Assisting with Crisis Communications

* Proving support for Awards Entries

* Conducting Media Relations

* National Tourism Week

* Assisting with Annual Report

* Assisting with Legislative Education Campaign


For more information:  Kathy Torian, Corporate Communications Manager

(850) 205-3865


Industry Relations Department Internship


The Industry Relations department is responsible for recruitment, engagement and retention of tourism-based Partner businesses in Florida. Through educational webinars, tradeshows, presentations, one-on-one marketing consultations, and e-Newsletters, the Industry Relations team strives to include more businesses in the Partner program each day.


Internship responsibilities include, but not limited to:

* Membership retention (processing new partners, welcome calls, retention calls and emails)

* Database management through Access, iMIS and email service provider

* Event coordination (webinars, committee meetings, tradeshows, etc.)

* Reviewing and editing e-Newsletters or special sends for internal departments

* Provide technical support for business listings on

* Development of customer service skills


For more information: Stefanie Curll, Industry Relations Representative

(850) 205-3861


Information Technology Department Internship


The Information Technology department is responsible for creating, developing, and maintaining network infrastructure in support of VISIT FLORIDA’s programs and missions. Through outstanding customer care, team members strive to provide leading edge technology solutions and constant service availability within a diverse environment.


Internship responsibilities include, but not limited to:

* Develop unique solutions that improve mission effectiveness

* Install, test, and configure new network infrastructure devices

* Assist with desktop support, customer care, and resource management

* Research enterprise COTS equipment whitepapers and best practices

* Aid team members during system maintenance and upgrades


For more information:  Aron Aperauch, Network Engineer

(850) 205-3844


Promotions Department Internship


The Promotions department is responsible for extending the advertising budget and product awareness of VISIT FLORIDA and the Florida Tourism Industry.  This is accomplished through cooperative promotions with broadcast, electronic and media, retail outlets and packaged goods companies or a market-specific, regional, national and international basis.


Internship responsibilities include, but not limited to:

* Learn the basics of running a promotion

* Coordinate a market-specific project

* Negotiate and implement market-specific promotions

* Assist in the coordination of sales calls

* Assist in the data entry of consumer promotions entrants


For more information:  Karen Blanchard, Promotions Representative

(850) 205-3823


Public Relations Department Internship


The Public Relations department is responsible for promoting Florida’s tourism assets to travelers around the world through efforts that include domestic, Canadian, European, German and Latin American strategies.  Through efforts like media receptions and events, visits, missions, participation at trade shows, news releases and more, VISIT FLORIDA establishes and builds relationships with important travel media and earns millions of dollars in positive coverage of Florida’s amazing assets.


Internship responsibilities include, but not limited to:

* Writing and editing news releases

* Assist in coordinating special events and programs

* Calculating media placement values

* Media web site maintenance

* Pitching Florida stories and destinations to travel media


For more information:  Kenneth Morgan, Public Relations Manager

(850) 205-3862


Research Department Internship


The Research Department is responsible for tracking the number of visitors to the state and economic indicators of the health of tourism in Florida. The Research Department also compiles and analyzes data to run it into actionable insights to direct the organization in its marketing programs.


Internship responsibilities include, but not limited to:

* Assist market research analyst and research manager with various projects

* Collect and analyze data on economic indicators

* Accumulate data from Welcome Centers, enter into system, and update website

metrics to maintain current tourism indicators

* Conduct analysis with SPSS and Excel

* Aggregate and summarize advertising articles in journal publications and various

other mediums

* Assist with staff through collecting secondary research on various target groups

* Assist in compiling data for publication and organizing reports and data for files

* Assist in responding to ad hoc data request from staff


For more information: Vicki Allen, Research Manager

(850) 205-3860