Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC) of the National Park Service: Summer Interns

Call for Interns

Faculty and Graduate Student Services

Southeast Archeological Center,

     National Park Service, Tallahassee


The Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC) of the National Park Service seeks a student in or recent graduate from the MLIS program for a paid intern position at SEAC, located on the FSU external campus at Innovation Park, Tallahassee. The student will work with the SEAC Library Committee to perform standard library duties. Summarized activities include:

  • Catalog newly acquired materials according to NPS Library standards.
  • Perform shelving and filing of returned library materials.
  • Periodically inventory sections of the collection, re-shelf books.
  • Catalog and prepare for shelving new materials.
  • Manage the library circulation system.  Update and maintain circulation records.
  • Maintain all periodicals.
  • Keeps library statistics on staff use.
  • Develop guides and Share Computer access for SEAC staff access to FSU on-line and check-out library services.
  • Work with volunteers to help in the performance of library duties.
  • Digitize library books to facilitate staff research.
  • Facilitate signing SEAC staff up for FSU on-and off-campus library access.


  1. Computer Responsibilities
    1. Redesign and manage the SEAC’s Library Sharepoint site for internal SEAC access.
    2. Develop Bar Code system for circulation management

Necessary Skills & Interest

  1. Computer skills
  2. Interest in collection management and development

The goal is to have one intern hired through the National Center for Preservation Education for 400 hours @ $15.00 an hour.  Pending further funding, the internship may be extended up to 1200 hour total. Applicants should apply to:

Michael Russo

SEAC Executive Sponsor, Library Committee


For more information about the iSchool internship program, please contact Dr. Christine Koontz (