State of Florida Librarianship Fall Internship Opportunity

Librarianship Fall Internship Opportunity

For interns to gain hands-on experience planning, organizing, and coordinating the Florida of Department of Elder Affairs Library. The
intern will assist in applying information services techniques to improve the library’s effectiveness and efficiency, resulting in a
significant, positive impact on Florida’s older adult population in the state of Florida. This will be a valuable experience for any student
pursuing a career in Librarianship.

Opportunities include:
• Organizing an operating space that will support hands-on learning in the use of various Health and Human services project-related reports, publications, and books.
• Providing input, research, and work products that provide innovative and strategic approaches to aging, health and human
services, and health care solutions for the Department.
• Assisting with the development and coordination of the grant
application process and grant writing activities.
• Researching materials and analyzing statistical research for
impact on planning goals.
• Performs related work as required.

• Experience conducting original independent research.
• Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods of research and evaluation.
• Communicate effectively, verbally and in writing.
• Ability to follow written and oral directions and instructions from management and carry out the directives of persons with duly
delegated authority.
• Ability to utilize problem-solving techniques.
• Ability to plan, organize and coordinate work assignments.
• Ability to communicate effectively.

• Full-time student with interest in the Aging Adult population.
• Professional or nonprofessional experience can substitute on a year-for-year basis for the required college education.

To apply for this job, do not use the State of Florida online application.
Follow these steps:
• Submit to email address:
• In the subject line, type the title “Librarianship Fall Internship.”
• Attach your cover letter for this job.
• Attach your resume.
• Attach your transcript (unofficial or printout is sufficient).

Note: To be considered for this position you must provide all of the information listed above.
Submission Deadline: Friday, September 2, 2022.