Social Media Intern

This person will have the opportunity to learn the cradle to grave operations of our company, how we work, what we do and the markets we serve, then  complete an analysis of our current social media strategies.  They will conduct an analysis of current social media tools used, how effective those tools are being utilized and how they can be used to better increase results.  The candidate will also have the opportunity to research other social media tools, their benefits and possible return on investment and present to upper management how to implement these tools and create a more effective social media presence for the company.


Our culture is laid back and rewards responsibility and maturity.  We let our employees work the hours they need to work to get the job done.  We do not count hours, days off or vacation time used.  If you need to take a day off, you take it and make sure the team is on the same page while you are gone.  You will have the opportunity to work the hours you like, maintaining communication with our management and hitting milestones for success.


  1. Students should be enrolled at Florida State University currently
  2. This person should be currently enrolled or completed LIS4380 Social Media Management
  3. Have a strong understanding of current social media tools including company websites, Facebook, LinkedIn etc
  4. Because of the competitive nature of our work, you will be required to sign an NDA to protect sensitive company data from becoming public during or after your internship.


Our company values Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism.  If you believe you would benefit from an opportunity presented above, please feel free to respond directly to Kyle Hartmann, President.


Kyle Hartmann

TRS, Inc.