Technical Marketing Intern

Company: Proper Channel, Inc.

Location: Work from home

Position Title: Technical Marketing Intern

Experience Required: None

Travel Required: None

Company Description:

Bureaucracy is excruciating.  We are frustrated because it pervades our lives and it is a black hole, consuming time and money.  The pain of bureaucracy is rooted in not knowing how to deal with it.  At the moment, we unsuccessfully wade through thousands of links on Google and read numerous poorly written webpages trying to piece together the information needed to complete important tasks (e.g. obtain a work visa, apply to colleges, sign up for health care, get training certifications etc.).

Proper Channel’s mission is to end the pain of bureaucracy.  We believe the solution is to enable the expertise of today to guide the actions of tomorrow.  To guide the layperson, we want to offer a detailed map to assist in navigating this opaque process.  Flowcharts solve the problem: they increase transparency, capture conditionals to provide correct and directed information, and they reduce complexity to simple steps.  Our web-based tool is collaborative so that people with experience can help guide others.  Moreover, we make it easy to do paperwork.  While providing users with a detailed map, we are also developing a tool (the ‘Bundler’) to allow people to fill out, sign, fax, and mail all forms from the web.  No printer, no paper, no problem.

We are a pre-seed startup, looking to validate our idea, seed our user base, and are currently seeking our first round of angel funding.

Job Description:

Proper Channel is a user-generated content site.  Our success is dependent on users feeling connected to our company.  We have identified four target markets to seed our community, and we need technical marketers to help develop and execute a marketing plan to engage these communities.

The candidate will be responsible for SEO strategy and optimization, SEM campaigns, connecting with these communities, and collecting analytics to measure our impact.

Preferred Experience:

  • SEO experience
  • SEM experience
  • Familiarity with analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, etc.
  • Email campaign experience (MailChimp, etc)

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