Business Process Manager

Primary Responsibilities and Activities

  • Able to acquire and analyze data using appropriate standard quantitative methods across different business environments to facilitate process analysis and improvements.
  • Understands how the business processes support business and strategies and objectives.
  • Understands how the implemented applications and processes support the business processes
  • Models and enhances important business process diagrams (for example, using a graphic-oriented business process analysis/modeling tool).
  • Demonstrates, via models, the opportunities for best-in-class process management to the process owner.
  • Reviews the range of solutions available, and presents options and recommendations to the stakeholders on which ones to use.
  • Determines and documents for the process owner the impacts of changes, and suggests policy, goal and rule changes.
  • Understand the principles of product and service quality and be comfortable with control charts and run charts, how to plot data and how to recognize out-of-control conditions and how to translate objectives into meaningful and measurable metrics for various departments.
  • Communicates and translates the required capabilities and outcomes effectively between business process areas and supporting departments (such as the IT organization).
  • Searches internal and external resources for prebuilt models, templates and services to meet process needs.
  • Educates process stakeholders on how to identify and solve process challenges through the simulation of different scenarios, analysis of performance metrics and advanced optimization techniques.
  • Performs continuous reviews to align processes (for example, models, goals metrics) with changing business conditions.
  • Contributes to the definition, development, implementation and maintenance of the business process improvement methodology to be employed.


  • Familiarity with balancing cross-functional business initiatives
  • Familiarity with quality practices such as ISO9000 and Six Sigma
  • Hands-on experience with process modeling, analysis and simulation tools
  • Experience with end-user-oriented technology, such as BI or performance metrics
  • Works well under pressure and keeps composure in stressful situations
  • Ability to adapt to rapidly changing technology and apply it to business needs
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills, and the ability to create original concepts on projects
  • Ability to lead ownership transfer from project teams to the business



  • Bachelor of Science degree or related business discipline (MBA preferred).


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