Executive Teaching Assistant with public relations skills

FARMING THE FUTURE is looking for a talented individual who has the entrepreneurial spirit and is ready for their opportunity to develop it. FARMING THE FUTURE is currently looking for an Executive Teaching Assistant with public relations and marketing responsibilities. The Executive Teaching Assistant will assist with all administrative duties while helping maintaining calls, setting appointments, sending emails, and tracking deadline dates for an executive member of our team. The ETA will also teach two days out of the week running STEM through Aquaponics programs. The public relations part of the job will include implementing internal and external communications activities such as creating news releases and other writing projects, media coverage tracking and reporting, communicating with association leaders, community involvement, and implementing and improving social media strategies.



• Collaborates ensure that critical issues are handled in a timely and professional manner.

• Work with executive and intern team to coordinate and assist with projects

• Assist with contracts including but not limited to; maintaining contract dates, assist with maintenance, distribute emails, and maintain client satisfaction

• *Training is provided, previous experience with aquaponics is not required, some garden or agricultural knowledge will help however*
– Assist with aquaponic greenhouses and gardens in maintenance and functionality, including; implementing and tracking important deadline related materials and dates

• Administrative duties such as scheduling appointments, maintain calendars, coordinating meetings, returning phone calls and emails, and writing letters


• Manage day-to-day classroom responsibilities

• Researches, selects, and maintains appropriate lesson plans, educational materials, equipment, and resources

• Plan, prepare and deliver lesson plans and instructional materials that facilitate active learning.

• Develops schemes of work, lesson plans, and tests that are in accordance with established procedures. Instruct and monitor students in the use of learning materials and equipment.

• Use relevant technology to support and differentiate instruction.

• Manage student behavior in the classroom by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures.

• Provide appropriate feedback on work.

• Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students and use the information to adjust teaching strategies. Maintain accurate and complete records of students’ growth and development.

• Prepare required reports on students and activities.

• Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.

• Prepare classroom for class activities.

• Provide a variety of learning materials and resources for use in educational activities.

• Assign and grade classwork, homework, tests, and assignments.

• Demonstrate preparation and skill in working with students from diverse cultural, economic and ability backgrounds.

• Participate in appropriate professional activities.


• Produces and recommends content for FARMING THE FUTURE’s social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) and monitors all platforms for trends and opportunities.

• Maintain a social media campaigns.

• Monitors ‘FARMING THE FUTURE’s social media platforms and assists with responses to conversations online.


• Be a local voice for our organization and attend chamber events, local events, join boards, and have local involvement with the community

• Maintain evites and calendar for FARMING THE FUTURE events promoting involvement from external organizations and the local community.

• Works in coordination with business partnerships to oversee media coverage for sponsor events and donations to community involvement opportunities.

• Assists with research and promoting FARMING THE FUTURE to news media outlets

• Produces and recommends content for Press Releases and articles.

• Assists with the communications activities for FARMING THE FUTURE social media presence, on-site media relations, and VIP handling.

• Assists with presentations.


May be required to attend conferences as well as periodic travel assignments. Must be able to work under pressure and handle media inquiries outside regular working hours when required. Other duties as assigned.
Salary: Starting 20k – 30k at part time