Information Resource Center (IRC) Cataloging Assistant, Kaye Scholer LLP, Tallahassee Operations Center

This position assists the IRC Department in controlling serials: set-up, check-in, claims, and routing.  Maintains the list of serials routed by the IRC.  Performs copy cataloging under supervision.  Maintains borrowers’ records in the database.  Trains interns in checking-in serials.  Sorts incoming mail.  Responds to reference questions related to serials.  Participates in related professional-development activities.  Assists other IRC personnel as necessary. The IRC Assistant reports to the Manager of Knowledge Technical Services within the department.

The Cataloging Assistant reports to the Manager of Knowledge and Technical Services and works with other members on the Technical Services and reference staff. The position also interacts with vendors and publishers regularly, and attorneys and legal staff within the Firm, when necessary.  Within Technical Services, the Cataloging Assistant specifically interacts with the Manager of Knowledge and Technical Services and the Acquisitions Assistant(s) on a regular basis.

QUALIFICATIONS & SKILLS.  College degree and previous experience of three years in conducting serials set-up and check-in in a law firm are preferred.   Copy cataloging experience required, preferably using EOS.  Excellent telephone, written, and oral communication skills.  Must exercise good judgment in obtaining requested materials and do so in the most cost-effective way.  Teamwork is essential:  has to communicate on a regular basis with staff members in charge of acquisitions and book processing; must be prepared to train in checking-in serials, and answer specific questions about holdings to reference staff.  Knowledge of Windows environment, e-mail, as well as experience with an integrated system is a must.

PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES & SPECIFIC DUTIES. The Cataloging Assistant performs mail sorting, processes serials set-up and check-in, and handles claims.  Responsible for copy cataloging.  The Cataloging Assistant creates and updates borrowers’ records in the database, maintains the list of publications routed by the IRC, and responds to specific questions on serials from staff members and users.

MAIL SORTING/PROCESSING.  Goes through the mail every morning and as many times during the day as necessary. Sorts the mail according to the person in the IRC that it is addressed to. Hand delivers urgent mail to the Director, the reference librarians and the manager of Knowledge and Technical Services.  Interacts with the Mail Room on special deliveries, items not delivered, etc.

SERIALS PROCESSING.  Serials processing has two aspects: Serials set-up and Serials check-in. The term “serials” includes hard copy serials received via the USPS or other delivery service as well as electronic newsletters or other publications received by email, collected from websites, or accessed via other electronic services.

SERIALS SET-UP.  Searches for the serial in hand and ensures that there is a bibliographic record for it, that the record is in good condition as specified in the procedures, and ensures there is only one record. Requests from the Manager of Knowledge and Technical Services any corrections or cataloging if the record is incomplete, incorrect, or cannot be found.  Sends the record to the serials module and sets up each copy with the prediction pattern and the routing.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT. Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM with additional hours as required.

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