Internships at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH)

TMH has numerous internships availabl;e – [these are unpaid]

1. Networking—work with network administrators to monitor performance of network; troubleshoot network problems; install network devices such as printers; work on special projects

2. Security—work with security officer to monitor security reports; investigate security incidents; work on special projects

3. Server administration—work with server administrators to manage Windows servers; investigate performance issues; upgrade software; install hardware; special projects

4. Architecture—work with system architects on new system design; attend design meetings; review hardware and software specifications; write documentation; special projects

5. Desktop support—work with desktop support resolving user issues; image workstations; troubleshoot hardware and software issues;

6. Service desk—work with service desk supporting users; learn how to diagnose and triage trouble calls; document issues; use knowledgebase to resolve problems; learn CA Unicenter trouble ticket system

7. Special Project–Backup Administrator Specialist—work with Veritas Netback administrator to develop and update backup documentation; attend meetings to develop new backup policies; work with audit report to resolve backup documentation issues; document tape library procedures

8. Special Project—Shipping and Receiving Specialist—work with the Service Manager to redesign and document the shipping and receiving process for all IT equipment ($5 million annually)

If you are interested, send a resume to and tell me which position you are interested in.