Knowledge Navigator/Consultant

Accountable to: Executive Director of  The Children’s Campaign

Hours : About 20 per week


Education: BS/BA degree or equivalent required in computer science, information management or related field

  • 8-10 years of experience managing groups of technical professionals and a proven history of meeting client expectations with respect to cost, timeliness, and system performance and reliability
  • Proven project- and time-management skills with the ability to multitask and meet deadlines while maintaining a high level of attention to detail
  • Broad-based experience in dealing with all aspects of an organization’s technology platform including web design, implementation, and maintenance; network design and management; defining and implementing software standards across the organization; database development management and messaging; security and back-up and disaster recovery

  • Strong communication skills to work with all levels of technical professionals, management,  and external clients
  • Experience in estimating costs, writing, and managing bids
  • Familiarity with evolving technologies



Summary of Responsibilities and Expectations


As the Technology and Information Knowledge Navigator (KN), under the leadership of the Executive Director of The Children’s Campaign, the consultant leads a group of apprentices to evolve, implement, and manage a technology platform, including messaging capabilities; define software standards; define and implement information and knowledge databases; manage web presence and provide user support for the Children’s Campaign, Voices for Florida, and The Children’s Lobby.


The consultant is also accountable for working with the Children’s Campaign management team to develop  strategic and operational goals for the organization’s technology and information platforms. The consultant will lead the implementation of the operational components of the strategic plan related to technology and information. From time-to-time the consultant will lead the development and planning for approved external client services in the area of technology. The consultant will work to ensure that PAC’s reputation as the vendor of choice for external technological projects.


In serving as a KN, the Technology and Information KN, works to ensure that technology and information projects are completed on-time and on budget and that organizational and client expectations are met; ensures that apprentices in technology and information area are meeting deadlines and responsibilities; coordinates with other KN’s to manage the day-to-day operations of PAC; and assists with implementing the strategic vision for PAC.


The Technology and Information KN/Consultant is a role model and an experienced, creative, energetic technology and information management specialist with a demonstrated track record of excellence.  The KN/Consultant must demonstrate an aptitude and a strong commitment to teaching and coaching young adults who are simultaneously learning business protocols and the art of applying their academic education to the work environment.   For the Technology and Information KN/Consultant, this specifically involves helping apprentices learn to address issues and constraints that invariably arise in real-world technology-based work environments and learning to identify and minimize risks that could impact business operations.


The KN/Consultant must whole-heartily endorse the mission and values of PAC.  Specifically, the KN/Consultant must be adept at juggling the tension between striving for excellence and creating an atmosphere where mistakes can be turned into learning moments; must be able to define challenging and demanding work assignments for each apprentice while being cognizant of the apprentice’s academic commitments; and be comfortable being both a collaborator and the person accountable for the final work product.  The KN/Consultant must provide meaningful feedback, be approachable and available, have a sense of humor, and be a team builder.


In the role of an individual contributor, the Technology and Information KN/Consultant serves as a consultant to the management team of the Children’s Campaign, Voices, and The Lobby, advising them on the technological needs of these organizations.  The KN/Consultant must also be adept at assessing and advising CC management on the compatibility of potential external clients with the PAC model and capabilities.  The KN/Consultant is also responsible for maintaining the mutually beneficial relationship with the FSU College of Communication and Information and participating in an ongoing dialog with the Dean to ensure that the apprenticeships are meeting the needs of the students and to identify potential changes to the academic curriculum that would better prepare students for work environment.


The Technology and Information KN/Consultant must have a strong work ethic, be a self-starter who can think analytically, solve problems creatively; be able to corral resources to address outages, adapt to change quickly, and tackle unfamiliar tasks and requests with enthusiasm and resourcefulness. The KN/Consultant must be able to step in and complete critical projects in a timely manner if apprentices are unavailable.


Detailed Deliverables/Responsibilities



Work with Apprentices on a detailed project plan that divides the workload among student apprentices. Have knowledge of when students are available and able to assess apprentice skill level.
Maintains network performance by performing network monitoring and analysis, and performance tuning; troubleshooting network problems; escalating problems to vendor(s), (includes data & voice technology)

Secures network by developing network access, monitoring, control, and evaluation; maintaining documentation.

Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; benchmarking state-of-the-art practices; participating in professional societies.
Generates a website development plan with apprentices, including update procedures. Maintains website integrity and a schedule for maintenance.
Develops and maintains all applicable data bases


Oversees the develops and maintenance of all technology and information management reports.
Recruitment of apprentices and other volunteer knowledge navigators


The Children’s Campaign does not discriminate against any qualified employee or job applicant with respect to terms, privileges, or conditions of employment because of a person’s race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability. The Children’s Campaign complies with all federal, state, and local laws, including but not limited to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and amendments thereto, that prohibit discrimination against individuals.