Media Specialist, Ridgeview High School, Orange Park, FL

The Media Specialist is directly responsible to the school principal and is responsible for developing, implementing, and administering a media program that supports classroom instruction and facilitates the acquisition of information-literacy skills.

RESPONSIBILITIES. Plan, organize, implement, and supervise the program, collection, and staff of the school library media center. Maintain and update written goals, objectives, policies, and procedures supporting both the educational objectives of the total school program and those of the library media program evaluate and select a variety of materials and equipment based on the curriculum, needs, and interests of the students and the staff. Perform and/or coordinate the ordering, cataloging, processing, and maintenance of media and equipment for circulation. Direct the activities of library media center support staff and volunteers. Establish and maintain an accurate circulation system for media and equipment. Schedule use of equipment, materials, and space of the library media center to provide maximum access for students and faculty. Plan and provide information-literacy-skills instruction for students and staff. Work cooperatively with staff to integrate information-literacy skills within the curriculum. Provide production and technical assistance for students and faculty. Maintain accurate inventories and indexes of the library media center’s collection of materials and equipment. Assist the principal with the development of the library media center budget. Provide an environment conducive to inquiry, research, study, and personal use by students and staff. Promote the school library media program and resources to the students, staff, and community. Involve students, staff, and community in planning and evaluating the library media program. Implement requirements of state law, county policies, and school building procedures. Perform other duties as assigned by the principal or his/her designee.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS. Currently possess or eligibility to receive a valid Florida Educator’s Certificate in Educational Media Specialist K-12. Competency in the selection and use of library media materials and a minimum of six hours in Media Management, Cataloging, or Reference, or an educational plan to complete six hours within two years of hire as a Media Specialist as evidenced by a college advisor. Leadership abilities and a tolerance for stress.

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS. A master’s degree with a major in Instructional Media or Library and Information Science. Experience as a Media Specialist.

SPECIFICS. This is a Phase III posting. This phase applies to individuals who wish to transfer and for qualified new candidates. This phase also includes any Annual Contract first- or second-year teacher who is recommended for reappointment. First- or second-year Annual Contract teachers may be recommended for immediate placement. During this phase, which begins approximately May 15, it is your responsibility to contact the principal or supervisor of the work center where there is a vacancy for which you are qualified, to arrange an interview. The principals and supervisors will have a list of all surplus and returning-from-leave personnel. The Human Resources Division will assist you in any way possible to expedite this process. Please call Terry Stanilonis, Supervisor of Instructional Personnel, at (904) 529-4849. Questions regarding certificates and testing should be directed to Dr. Michael Henry, Director of Instructional Personnel, at (904) 529-4916.