Lower School Media & Technology Specialist-The Davis Academy, Atlanta, GA

TITLE: Lower School Media & Technology Specialist

REPORTS TO: 21st Century Learning Coordinator

STATUS: Full time. Performance reviews scheduled for December and June.


SCHEDULE: Library services are to be available:

7:30 AM – 3:45 PM Monday-Friday







1. Maintains all ongoing and daily functions of the school library/ media center.

2. Assists with teacher and student instruction in the technology labs.

3. Plans appropriate lessons for routine class visits to both the library media center and the technology labs that support classroom instruction.

4. Create curriculum and promote an engaging learning experience tailored to the individual needs of students.

5. Helps to develop and implement programs and services necessary to afford students and staff the maximum use of all available resources.

6. Participates in all general faculty responsibilities as designated by the 21st Century Learning Coordinator and the Principal.

7. Helps to establish library media center policy and procedures consistent with the goals and philosophy of The Davis Academy.





A. Participates in the development and management of media collection/ resources


1. Routinely reads relevant journals, magazines, and book reviews and selects relevant print and digital resources to reflect both the informational and recreational needs of the students and faculty.

2. Prepares orders for these materials and may be instructed to place orders once approved by the 21st CL.

3. Participates in evaluating the collections, technology and programs in terms of (1) the needs of the students and staff, and (2) accepted standards of quality, both local and national.

4. Enforces circulation and scheduling procedures to ensure equal and guaranteed access to all library materials, programs, and equipment for all students and faculty both in the library media center and in the technology labs.

5. Helps to maintain accurate records of all budgetary transactions.

6. Recommends procedural guidelines for the efficient operation of the library.


B. Instructional support/ informational services


1. Serves as a resource consultant for teachers, providing ideas and materials for the classroom units of study.

2. Provides group and/or individual instruction to both students and staff in the use of the library media center resources and equipment and the technology labs.

3. Develops appropriate library media skills and technology lessons, in accordance with school philosophy and goals.

4. Develop and submit to appropriate designee, weekly lesson plans for teaching library media skills that both enrich and complement grade-level subject curricula.

5. Develops curricular activities for resource-based instruction.

6. Promotes reading and literature appreciation through such activities as booktalks, storytelling, displays, book clubs and special events.

7. Helps to maintain blogs and websites relevant to library, media and technology activities.

8. Provides support with regard to copyright-related inquiries.

9. Provides assistance and support with technology tools.



C. Records and Reports


1. Produces reports upon request relevant to library media center holdings.

2. Accurately records and reports media center circulation activity.

3. Prepares statistical, financial, and progress reports as needed or required by the school, or by local, regional or federal agencies.


D. Other


1. Works well with support staff working in the library media center.

2. Helps train parent volunteers in the library media center.

3. Maintains working liaisons with other libraries and library professionals in the community and to that end, attends regular meetings associated with specific networking groups, such as GISL, AJL, Book Festival Committees, AATE and other groups as necessary.

4. Participates in professional development opportunities.

5. Promotes the resources and programs of the library media center both in the school and the community.

6. Plans and organizes annual book celebration corresponding with National Children’s Book Week, Jewish Book Month, and other specially designated programs.

7. Plans, with PTO representatives, the annual Book Fair.

8. Creates and maintains library displays reflecting students’ work.

9. Evaluates and contributes ideas to update media center facilities, as needed.


For more information, please visit the website: http://www.davisacademy.org/Careers